LED vs florescent and fertilizer?

  1. Lady Monster

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    I purchased a new hood because the hood given to me by a friend was actually 2 incomplete sets of hoods so the lid didn't fit the hinges on the light hood. I kind of rigged it together with duct tape, but I found a cheap hood at Walmart and replaced it.

    So hood 1 had a florescent bulb and hood 2 has an LED light, is one type better than the other for plants?

    I have bacopa caroliniana, what fertilizer should I use? I've had these plants for about a week now and they are less green than when I purchased them.

    They smell fantastic btw :) when I pruned them it was like a mini aromatherapy lol. Minty lemon!
  2. Schuyler93

    Schuyler93 Valued Member Member

    What is the florescent bulb and what is the LED? Most LED's that come with hoods are not typically meant for plants but some low light plants like crypts and anubuis can do fine under them.

    As for ferts I would just use flourish tabs right under the bacopa's and maybe dose flourish comprehensive but it's not necessary with the tabs.

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  3. OP
    Lady Monster

    Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by what is the fluorescent bulb and led bulb. Idk their wattage. But I do need some new plants for my 30 gallon which has the same brand hood and lights so ill check crypts and anunis out at the store.