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  1. guster730Valued MemberMember

    I need a new light for my 55g tank. I have some plants so I was wondering if this LED would be strong enough. The description says it's 4320 Lumen, http://www.ebay.com/itm/EVO-48-6500...452&pid=100015&prg=1006&rk=1&sd=290831275608&

    Or should I just go with this dual T5  

    My current lights are what came with the aquarium, some aqueon garbage, I think 2 12 watt 8000k's. I use Flourish, DIY co2 and flourish excel and since adding excel and co2 I've seen a slight improvement but I think it's obvious that they're not getting enough light.
  2. featherblueWell Known MemberMember

    Id go t5, they're really effective. Not sure how well the led produce needed light

    My tank with a double t5 setup is growing like crazy

  3. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    I have two 54W T5HOs on my 55 gallon and my plants are growing really well. I've had LEDs on smaller tanks, but I wouldn't recommend them for deeper tanks, I don't think the light penetrates as well as fluorescent light does.
  4. guster730Valued MemberMember

    Yeah I think i'm gonna go for the T5 and with the spare $60 get more plants.
  5. freak78Well Known MemberMember

    My old tank had the T5 bulbs and my new set up has the LED lights. I like the t5 better. Puts out better light.
  6. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    Just remember with any bulb, if planted, it is recommended to change bulbs out once a year or more. Depending on the bulbs, they could equal the price of the fixture and total price will add up quickly.

    I don't know specifically about the fixtures but LEDs in general have a much longer life than bulbs and do not lose their spectrum output like bulbs do. The initial cost can be significant, but the payoff is in the long term running costs due to the potential lower power usage and eliminating (almost completely) the need to replace lights.

    If personal preference is reason for not doing it. OK. But I would at least recommend considering an LED setup.

  7. guster730Valued MemberMember

    I'm just worried ifit'll be bright enough or not. I don't know the lumen of the T5 so I can't really compare.
  8. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    Total lumen isn't as important as the spectrum output, and light penetration. Lumen is measure on what the human eye can see. BUT lumen can still be compared to give an idea of how bright the tank will be for viewing.

    Your linked LED fixture
    4320 Lumen
    Average lumen per 96W (entire fixture 3wx32led)= 45
    Average CLAIMED life= 50,000+ hours (doesn't lose spectrum)

    Average T5HO 54W
    5,000ea (10,000 per the fixture with 2x T5HO)
    Average lumen per 54W= 93
    Average CLAIMED life= ~40,000 hours (doesn't factor plants and replacing yearly for spectrum loss).

    While I can't recommend a pre-built fixture of any kind. If a single LED fixture wasn't enough, they aren't any bigger/wider than the T5HO fixture. Adding another could still be beneficial due to bulb replacement costs alone. Although, you would then need another outlet and make sure you have 10-11" deep on top of the tank for the lights.

    LED- Dimensions - 47.00” x 5.00” x 1.00”
    T5HO- Dimensions - 47.50" x 5.00" x 1.70"

    Comes down to maintenance and life support IMO. I know it hasn't been very long, but I have been keeping plants under my DIY LED fixture for a couple weeks now.

    With LED fixtures, I would try to find ones with reviews. Not all LEDs are capable of supporting plants as they dont necessarily cover the spectrums needed. For example a Cool White LED lacks the yellow-red spectrum the plant needs, but a Warm White lacks the blue side. If you can get a diagram/chart showing its performance, you can get a better idea of how it may perform as a whole.

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2013
  9. guster730Valued MemberMember

    I ended up ordering the T5 due to brightness. I can afford the bulb replacements so it's not a problem. I'll let you guys know how it is when it arrives, supposively next Thursday.
  10. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    The T5HO was a good decision. Will let you grow just about anything.

    Though I've read the bulbs are not the best quality but still is a good setup.


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