LED lights on 90g were adding heat to tank but not now!

  1. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    led lights 90g saltwater tank.jpg I have a set of very intense led lights on my reef tank.
    I now have them set for auto on/off-extra 40.00! :) yey-it works!

    Then I was trying to figure out how to cool the fixture as it was getting really hot to the touch and adding heat to the tank.

    I googled the ad where I bought the lights and found you could purchase separate fans. Based on my light size, it needed three. They come in two's but one is designed to plug into, you guessed it-the place where the control plugs in for auto on/off.
    So, I had to purchase three sets to get three cords. They are now plugged in and the temperature is reduced-the site even tells you fans will prolong the life of the fixture. An additional 90 dollarst.

    So, my 250.00 lights were almost 400.00! Sort of irritated that all this did not just come with the light!
    I do not know about you, but I hate paying for add-ons that should really have been part of the package. :(

  2. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    Not very nice in having to pay for all the add-ons, but the fans will definitely help to cool the water.
    Here in Thailand due to the incessant heat all year, I dont use strong lighting in my tanks.
    As you can imagine, the water still gets hot at times, and its a recognised way here to use fans to cool the water, as you are doing now.
    I have seen marine tanks here cooled using only fans to a constant 26 Deg C, with tanks full of living and thriving corals.
    You may be a little miffed at the moment, but in time you will be over-joyed at your extra cash outlay.
    Good Luck for a successful tank