LED lighting

  1. Mifuluhu

    Mifuluhu Well Known Member Member

    Hi all. I added live plants to an established 20 gallon tank about a month ago.

    I have the basic newbie plants recommended at my local pet store. They all appear to be doing okay and growing slowly.

    I am low tech so to speak and do not have a CO2 system in place (I hope to avoid doing this). I have tried adding plant food (Aqueon, which says macro/micro nutrients). I only saw an increase in algae growth with this.

    My question is about the lighting as I have read and read with no real clear direction regarding LED lights. I ended up purchasing Beamswork LED for planted tanks 12 inch. It claims to have the full spectrum with red, blue, green and white LED's. Does anyone have any experience with these being successful as low tech lights for planted tanks? I plan to plant my 75 gallon once I have the basics figured out. Is it too high of lighting for a non-CO2 set up tank? The brown algae/diatoms are growing pretty decently.

    I have tried to add a photo but it doesn't seem to be attaching my file. I will try again from another device.