Led Light Question - Double Or Nothing

  1. D

    Dan_33 New Member Member

    I have a interpet 48litre tank. It's heavily planted, all the plants are growing nicely. On the lid the is space for 2 bulbs. I have a lED day light and a blue moon light. I don't use the blue.

    My question. If I get rid of the blue and replace it with another day light of the same watt will that double up the total watt?

    Currently only have a 7 watt bulb but have seen 11 watt bulbs available. Will having 2 make it 22 watt?
  2. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Yup, that should be how it works.
  3. OP

    Dan_33 New Member Member

    Thank you very much, I'll invest in another bulb