Leaving for 7 days...leave ghost shrimp in tank as food?

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    I'll be leaving for a week in the middle of January. I can't have someone come over to feed the fish...I don't trust anyone I know to do it properly. The tank's only inhabitants are a fire mouth, a dwarf gourami and 3 peppered cories. I'll be leaving the lights on for longer leading up to it to grow algae for them to eat. I'm not concerned about the gourami or cories. I'm more concerned about my fire mouth. As I've learned he eats tank mates if I don't feed him for a few days. Would it be a good idea to leave some ghost shrimp in the tank for him while I'm gone? He's about 4-5 inches. If so, how many would be good for a week? Should the shrimp be quarantined before being fed to him?
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    If he's anything like my fish, the shrimp will be gone in short order.. I'd say at least 20-25 if you can afford it.. anyone not immediately eaten will help clean the tank before becoming dinner.

    I have never quarantined my feeder shrimp, so don't really have a any suggestion there.

    I hope they will all do well while you're away! have a lovely time!
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    I agree, I would get 20-30, and I do not quarantine shrimp either. Their diseases are specific to them.

    None of your fish eat algae, so I would not leave the lights on. Off will be fine.
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    Don't know about plants :) Someone else will help with that.
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    you probably don't need the lights on. i know of someone that had black beard algae so they cut the lights for about a week and the plants where fine. they did die off a little but they bounced right back. do you have any other tank you could put either the firemouth or the gourami and cories in till you get back?