Leak question

  1. zebra Member Member

    I am setting up 20gal tank today, and adding water "SLOWLY". Can anyone tell me how long it will be before or when I will see a leak, if there is one, and is there anything that I should look for? (any tell-tale signs, that not just spilled water)
    Thanks, Sharon
  2. beckers4oranges Member Member

    i would fill up your whole tank with water...after you put it on news paper...carefully put the water in trying not to spill over the edges.... some of things to look for if its an old tank that hasnt been used for awhile ... the glue would be hard instead of the solf gel like texture it has when its good
  3. vin Well Known Member Member

    If it's going to, your tank will leak at the corners where the glass panes meet or along the bottom where the tank panes are attached to the bottom frame.

    If it does leak your LFS should sell some sealant that comes in a tube and is safe for aquarium use.
  4. zebra Member Member

    thank you. no leaks