Lchi’s Wedding “build” :)

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    So I got engaged!
    At the request of @Dave125g and others, I am going to chronicle my journey through what comes after; putting together a ceremony and swingin’ party to celebrate and all the craziness that comes with it!

    So let’s start from the beginning; after 4 years of dating, my sweet boyfriend S popped the question at a park after we had crossed the finish line of a walk we joined. I was caught completely off guard and at first I couldn’t make sense of why he was all of a sudden on bended knee with a ring.

    Here I am in a moment of confusion, looking at my mom for some sort of confirmation as to what was happening lol:

    Here is where I lose it, squeak out a confused “yes...!?” and start bawling:

    My sister snapping a photo of the ring:

    Posing with the fam!

    And some fun photos of the happy couple :)

    Thank you for indulging me and more to come!
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  2. KinsKicks

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    OMG @Lchi87!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! You two are such a beautiful couple and I know you're going to look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day :)
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    Very happy for you. These photos are just too cute :)
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    :) Congrats!
  5. Protim Sarkar

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    Beautiful ring. Beautiful family. Touching moment. Thank you for including your fishlore family in this joyous life changing event. Is there a date set yet?
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    I am SO happy you are going to keep us in the loop. Looking forward to reading more. Great photos!
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    Woohoo! Way to go girl! You guys are adorable!
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    So excited to follow this thread!!! This is great.
  10. DioAquatics

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    Super happy for you lchi! You can clearly tell you guys love each other to pieces and I wish you nothing but the best in this new chapter of your lives together :)
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    This is going to be so much fun to follow along!!!
    Congratulations again!! Such an exciting time for you. Thanks so much for sharing with your Fishlore friends!
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    Congrats!!!!!!! So exciting! I love the pictures, really tells the story!!
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    Best wishes for a very happy life together! Thanks for taking us along on the journey. :)
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    How wonderful! Congrats Lchi87!
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    You are so beautiful! Congratulations on this great event!
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    Finally found this thread!!

    Ahhh this is so lovely!! Better than all the rom-coms I've been binging!!!
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    Congrats!!! Beautiful pictures and gorgeous shiny ring!
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    congrats again...and subbing!
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    Oh, my gosh! Congratulations! You're so pretty!