Lava has passed away

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Lava lost his battle with dropsy at 10:32am this morning. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

He was in an enormous amount of pain this morning and barely had the energy to swim at all but managed to use whatever he had left to swim out from behind the filter to the front to see me. He floated on his side for several hours barely moving. Whenever he floated too far away from me he'd struggle to get back to the side I was on. I could tell he was afraid of dying and wanted me at his side. I stayed with him but at one point had to go to the bathroom. When I came back he struggled when he saw me and I rushed over to him and he looked at me one last time and took one last big breath and passed away. It's as if he waited until I got back from the bathroom because he wanted me at his side. :'( I took the day off work to be with him because I knew he was dying and didn't want him to be alone. I will probably take tomorrow off too because I am just too weepy and depressed.
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So sorry to hear about Lava. He was a very beautiful betta.
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I am so sorry that he passed away. At the same time it is a blessing in disguise because he's no longer suffering and you don't have to watch him go through the suffering anymore. It's very hard to watch them go through a disease as awful as dropsy is. I feel your pain since I have been through that myself. I think it would be a great honor for Lava if maybe you got him a namesake since he did fight for so long to live. He had a very strong will to survive and I think he deserves one. My thoughts and prayers are with you and lava. Rest in peace Lava. You will be missed.
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I'm sorry about Lava... :'(
at least his not suffering anymore.
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Oh no! Poor Lava, I'm sorry.
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My condolences, Phlox... You did everything you possibly could have done for him so it must have been his time to go. We're very sorry for your loss.

Jen and co.
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My condolenses.
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I am so sorry to hear that he passed away. You did everything you could for him. Just be glad now that he does not have to suffer any more. We will all miss Lava. :'(
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Dear Phlox,

I am so saddened to hear that Lave has passed. He struggled for so long and you helped him fight the brave fight. Such a sad and emotional time for you. He will always have a special place in your heart...and he taught us lots, since your experiences and struggles, successful and not, have helped all of us on the forum learn more. Be kind to yourself. Sending hugs and prayers. Val, Neptune, Storm ( who you helped me save !!) and Wink Jack Sparrow :'( :'(
BettaBuddy ~ Miley
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OMG!!! I am so sorry!!! I know how much u loved Lava!!! I am so sorry!!! Miles :-* :'(
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Rest in peace, little Lava! :'( Lava was a special betta and had the best care he could ask for - he was a happy fish, even in sickness, because he felt loved. It's saddening to us for him to have passed, but he's no longer sick and "All Bettas Go To Heaven". Take care of yourself and take the time you need - it's hard to lose a beloved, special pet. You'll always miss him, but have those special memories of the things that made him unique and so lovable.
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Ohhh Phlox... :'( I am so sorry to hear about Lava. He looks so much like my guy, 8 cents. I can feel your pain even through the post.. and tears in my eyes are for your suffering the loss of your beloved Lava. You brought to him love that he never would have had otherwise.. and you took care of him as any mother would have. I know that he cannot be replaced in your heart. But a part of healing may be to stop at the LFS and look for one that 'calls' to you, one that needs the kind of love and care that you offer so well. You may find a connection there that was meant to be. A healing for you and also for a Betta that is praying for a good home.
Peace in heart and blessing to you... ~ kate
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So sorry to hear that Lava has passed. :'( Strengthening thoughts are being sent your way.
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Thank you to all. It is very sad to come home and look at his empty tank. I woke up every day and the first thing I saw was his smiling face watching me. His tank was between my bed and computer desk. He'd start doing his crazy dance as soon as I'd open my eyes. I will miss him terribly.
I will someday get a namesake for him but not anytime soon. I have recently rescued a girl Betta and after sterilizing Lava's tank will do some shuffling around and put Karma in the Hex, Daphne in the 4 gallon and undivide the 10 gallon, clean it out really good and put Niles in there by himself. He is such a huge Betta that I think he'd do better in a 10 gallon. I also hate the look of divided tanks. It's hard to clean and decorate. I miss having a nice planted big 10 gallon. I'm even considering trying to let Angel and Aenara live together without a divider. They get along so well and Angel is gentle and protective of Aenara. She was the only one who didn't nip her. If I try this it will of course be over a weekend and will sit and closely watch the girls for any signs of aggression. If they can't get along then the divider can be put up again in less than a minute. I had gone to Petsmart to see if they removed the 2 female Bettas that were in with my new girl (her name is Dax) and had attacked her. They were still in the 4 gallon BiOrb tank and seemed to be getting along so well. Neither had any further fin damage and they were swimming together and nudging each other playfully. It was very sweet. I hope they continue to get along. Anyways, Angel and Aenara are so attached to each other and constantly playing and "talking" to each other through the divider I wondered if maybe they too could get along. It would be so nice to have an undivided tank with my two girls playing together as friends.
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Best of luck with the girls and our best to you and all your betta babies.
LZ Floyd
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Wow! So sorry to hear about Lava's passing.

Lava leaves behind quite a legacy - he'd become a kind of fixture on this forum and he'll certainly be missed.

Rest in peace, Lava.

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Good luck with your girls, Phlox. We wish them all well. I hope the 2 that you will be putting together are good together. Natalie
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I'm so sorry for your loss!!! Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.
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Sorry to hear of your loss.. we'd read some of your previous posts about Lava, and got the impression he was quite a personable little fellow.. I know it's probably no consolation, but Dropsy is an extremely difficult disease to treat in fish.. R.I.P. Lava.

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