Latest news: Sweety, the 29 year old Clown Loach, has died 13/01/12.

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Sorry to have to report this, but the news is significant.

Sweetysmum claims her Clown Loach was 29 years old. She must have looked after her exceptionally well in my opinion for her to reach this age.

I know of very few Clown Loach of even 18 years of age like my own.

To learn of Sweety has been very sad but must be inspiring to those of us who keep Clown Loaches and want to know what is possible in terms of life span.

Sweety became ill at the beginning of January, becoming listless and failing to eat. She died on Friday the 13th January 2012.
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That's sad :'(.
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There is a clown loach at Shedd's aquarium that has been on display since the opening in 1938.

I personally know of several 20+ YO clown loaches.
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Clowns are such wonderful creatures. It's so sad when one dies
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I love my Clown Loathes; it is amazing how long they live, wish all our fish friends had such longevity!
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So sad. And she looked huge in the pictures I found! Wonder how big she had gotten.

@Dino - There is a loach that is about 74 years?!? I cannot imagine a fish living that long in an aquarium.

Guess I better make sure I'm prepared to properly care for my loaches. My oldest is more than 13...but don't know exactly how old. I rescued them from horrific conditions a couple of years ago. And, that owner said they were more than 10 years, maybe even 15 years, but wasn't for sure. I think they were stunted. Funny, my older loaches are fighting right now. They haven't done that since last summer. Wonder why?
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I saw her myself when I was there in 87.
Then, she had been on display for almost 50 years.
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I think you may have been taken in .
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I think you may have been taken in .

Being in the huge public aquarium that Shedd aquarium is I can see it.

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Awe this is so sad! I plan to get my first clown loaches soon, they will be such a blast.
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Wow I was just at the Shedd, now I have to go back and find that clown loach

Sorry to hear about Sweety

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