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Plastic Betta Hammock or a live Plant?

  1. Plastic leaf

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  2. A live plant (and which one?)

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  1. Anonymous1212 Member Member

    HELP!! Amazon Prime Day is going on right now and I need some last minute tips before I cycle my tank and such. I'm getting anubias plants, anything I need for them? Is Seachem Prime a good dechlorinator? Five gallon fluval spec v is good for betta right? The tank description came with this:
    Cosmetic damage (Less than 10%) on the interior of the item. Crack or dent (Less than 10%) on the interior of the item. Item will come in original packaging.
    Will it be fine to hold water?? HEATERS!! Any good heaters you recommend for a 5 gal. tank? Do I need an air stone? I may ask more questions but any additional tips and advice PLEASE add they are very welcomed! Thank you!!!
  2. Planted Aquatics Member Member

    You might want to get a brand new Fluval Spec V so you know it doesn't have any cracks. Seachem Prime is one of the best declorinatos out there, my favorite. It never expires, it also detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate and heavy metals, as well as chlorine and chloramine. I use a 2-15 gallon tetra heater. At petsmart they are 15-20$ so I bet it is way cheaper on Amazon.
  3. Anonymous1212 Member Member

    Thank you!! Do you know how long a 250 ml bottle of Seachem Prime will last? (5 gal.)
  4. wapooshe Member Member

    never used seachem prime but I think its 1ml per gallon so meaning 50 water changes?
  5. Anonymous1212 Member Member

    Thank you! I already ordered it so that's super helpful haha!