Largest Problem In The Aquaria Hobby Today? | Page 7

  1. TwilySparklez Well Known Member Member

    Wow, those videos are indeed cringy.
  2. MikeRad89 Well Known Member Member

    No, they aren't.

  3. BettaPonic Member Member

    Can you elaborate please? I don't know what you are disagreeing with?

  4. bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    They have their own bacterial starter (ATM Colony).

    I wonder if they add it in but don't show it on the show?

    I used it on my first tank (cycle didn't complete).

    I saw the episode where they did a tsnk for Red Foo ( ).
    So many things made me cringe.

  5. fissh Well Known Member Member

    As far as bad advise, the ugliest décor I've ever seen, your a 100% right! but they build the best tanks with the cleanest seams I've ever seen, I have a 360 gallon that was made by them, it's 36 inches tall and has a zero amount of bow in the acrylic! But when it come to the show, they really really suck o_O
  6. BettaPonic Member Member

    I avoid the show. I hate how the tanks look. I see way to many tanks that put the fish in harm. They seem to care more about pretty than the fish them self.
  7. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    You a boss man!!!!
  8. fissh Well Known Member Member

    I have a friend in LV that's in the aquarium wholesale industry, the guy I bought my used 360 from, who got my tank from one of they're happy clients for free as long as he removed it right away! He's also spoken too several LV clients of theirs that said that the mortality rate in the tanks they set up is around 70% to 80% in the first 3 months. Tell me that don't suck :(
  9. BettaPonic Member Member

    I remember an episode vaguely where they built a tank for a shark that they knew wasn't big enough. There excuse was in a few years it would be re homed.
  10. Jayd976 Member Member

    not that its important, but it was Shaq
  11. 2211Nighthawk Well Known Member Member

    There we go! That sounds right. :)
  12. BettaPonic Member Member

    I set my Guppy I moved to my lock screen.
  13. DIYhack Initiate Member

    I watch this show once in a blue moon. That dog house tank really pissed me off though.

    Overstocked, has Axolotls COLDwater in with Discus tropical fish. It would die in like 3 days in that tank. Then they have a dog hole to chase discus around. WTF!

    Don't get me started on the outdoor koi turtle tank. I had a 3000G pond and my koi got almost 3 feet. He's screwed! LOL
  14. BettaPonic Member Member

    I am starting to get annoyed by the people who cannot tell the difference between feeder Guppies and Endlers.