Larger crayfish?

Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by ThatOneAquarist, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    Im looking for a crayfish species that's on the larger side, maybe 8-12 inches. Im not worried about it killing fish or anything I just saw this White one at my LFS and after doing some research decided I wanted one as part of my clean up crew, but I want one that will get large. thanks for reading
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  2. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    A catfish and a crayfish will never be good tank mates. They are both scavengers that roam the bottom and they will fight. A large crayfish would not make a good cleanup crew, he would terrorize other fish in the tank. I would suggest getting a bunch of ghost shrimp. They are great scavengers and will help clean up by breaking down things like poop, detritus, leftover food, etc so the filter can filter it out. They are super cheap at around $0.30 each at most stores, so if they get eaten, then your fish just had a healthy snack. But if you got a bunch of them (5 per 10 gallons) at least some of them would make it and be able to hide out and do their thing.

  3. BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    Crayfish and fish don't mix. Crayfish eat fish. And some fish eat crays. Unless it is a dwarf crayfish that is kept with dwarf shrimp and micro fish, crays are best left alone or in species tanks.

  4. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    Crays fight each other, very territorial when it comes to same species. And crayfish are too slow to terrorize anything worth terrorizing, my catfish is very peaceful hes never chased anything down and/or eaten other fish. Thinking about it I should've worded that whole thing different because at the moment the cat is too small to eat any cray, thanks for the pointers guys ill probably pick up some ghost shrimp and just hope my cat doesn't go crazy

  5. BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    A species tank would be a single cray. I typed more than I should have...
  6. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    You are correct in that crayfish will fight each other.

    But you are incorrect about them attacking fish. Fish is one of their main foods in the wild. They are slow and methodical but will try to catch fish. Quite often it happens at night. A fish is sleeping near the bottom and the crayfish stealthy moves in and goes for the kill. At the very least it will nip fins and tear them.

    Bottom line is, crayfish do not do very well with fish.
  7. BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    But a crayfish will eat the catfish.
  8. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Have had wild crawfish in my tank with fish. Yes crawfish eat fish. They do whatever they can to get their fins in there pinchers. A 4" crawfish will take out a goldfish of equal or smaller size.
  9. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    I plane on getting the crayfish small, the danios will be screwed but oh well

    But as I said originally im not worried about them attacking/eating just any fish. theres one fish im worried about and be able to defend himself if the time comes. There are literally tons of videos all over youtube with crayfish in tanks with fish I appreciate you guys trying to help but I started this thread to ask if anyone knew of any larger crayfish and where I could get one, not to be told what I know and do not know by, no offence, people who don't even have crayfish listed in their tanks
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  10. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    Here at fishlore we like to share info and lookout for the best care of our aquatic pets. What you are suggesting does not fit in with adequate care for your tank mates. You asked for advice and received some, it may not be what you want to hear, but it is advice, take it or leave it.

    In your case, you seem to care for the catfish, well that catfish could take a nap, and just about any crayfish could come get a nip, may not harm him, may clip a fin, may take a good chunk out of him. Any of these scenarios could lead to wounds that get infected, stress, and poor health. In nature these fish would have an entire stream, river, creek, lake to escape to. In our tanks they have a 2-4 foot box to escape to, not much of an escape.

    Just because someone doesn't have crayfish listed in their tanks, doesn't mean they don't know about crayfish. I have done a lot of research on aquatic inverts including crayfish. The reason I don't have one is due to the fact they don't do well with fish. Please do your research and you will find most people agree that crayfish don't do very well with fish, especially other bottom feeding fish that inhabit the same area of the tank. Try googling "aquarium crayfish tank mates" and you will find a lot of info.
  11. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    I appreciate the info and I apologize for being kind of rude. Im just tired of asking people specific questions and getting told im doing something wrong. Ive researched a lot as well, believe me I always do, that's just how I am. As BDpups has told me before this catfish probably wont live too much longer and im just trying to make whatever hes got left comfortable, so ill probably just go with shrimps, much cheaper anyways. Thank you guys for trying to help.
  12. BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    It's kind of hard to give you a suggestion when adding one thing is sure to harm something else. That's all I was trying to do.

    The catfish is the ID? How's it doing?
  13. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    Hes active and seams to be enjoying the 55, hes not darting around and slamming his head against the glass like he used to so I feel a bit better. Really hope no one else like me bought one of these when petsmart was still basically giving them away. A fish like this deserves a lake, even at his size. I appreciate you trying to help, and apologize being rude in any way in this thread or others.
  14. BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    ThatOneAquarist It's hard not to let your emotions take over when your passionate about something. No apology needed for me :)
  15. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    A few things @KevAndKay ....

    No one is assuming anyone is stupid. The OP asked a question about including 2 things that generally don't do well together. I would hope that when anyone on this forum hears of someone doing something or thinking about doing something that would harm our aquatic pets, they would surely point it out and offer some advice. That is what forums like this are here for, and that is why so many 1,000's of people have come here to find great advice and like minded people.

    The reason I brought up the info about cray's attacking fish is due to the fact that the OP stated they weren't worried about the cray killing fish. I just wanted to point out that it could possibly, and wasn't sure if the OP knew this or was suggesting that some of the fish were expendable so it didn't matter. Either way, it was a point worth discussing, especially on a website dedicated to providing quality care for aquatic animals.

    The OP posed a question, they as well as others, including myself shared some info, and in the end the OP is making a more informed decision about his current situation and potential possibilities for crayfish or shrimp being including in their tanks. At no point was I or anyone on this thread assuming that anyone else was stupid. We were simply discussing the topic and various things that go along with the topic.

    If someone asked "What's a better tank size for my koi goldfish, 5 or 10 gallon?", are we bound to just answer their question and pick one or the other? Or should we perhaps offer some insight on why koi can't live in a tank that small? Either way information gets shared and people discuss things, and that is the point of fishlore.

    To your point about someone asking if your tank is cycled, quite often when people first find fishlore or other forums they don't know about the cycle, or proper setup, or fish care. That is why they find fishlore in the first place. If someone asks if your tank is cycled, they are simply wanting to cover the basics first, to make sure we are starting from a good place. Since you have only been on the forum for little over a week, maybe you haven't seen the myriad of posts from beginners asking for help in understanding the cycle or why their fish are dying, even though Petsmart told them everything would be great.

    No one is an expert on these forums, we are all learning together. No one should assume anyone knows or doesn't know anything until you ask and discuss. No one is a "moron" either, as you like to say.

    @ThatOneAquarist - I hope you know that I wasn't assuming anything, and as BDPups mentioned, there is no need to apologize, we are all here for the same thing. I think you will happy with the shrimps, and your fish may be happier too with an occasional nutritious snack.
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  16. ThatOneAquaristValued MemberMember

    KevAndKay while I do appreciate the support, I was wrong for assuming they weren't trying to help, that's what this forum is all about as Dolfan has told you. They were simply warning me what I wanted to do was a not a good idea, and though your experiences may prove other wise, that doesn't mean someone else's are opposite, as crayfish, like any other species, are individuals

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