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i'm going to be putting my larger fish into a 125g tank from my currently overstocked 55g. the 55 gallon has a cave made of cinderblocks, and my jaguar cichlid and pleco like it. however, they'll be relocated to the big tank.
I want to make the 125g look more naturalistic, but i'm worried about simply stacking stones, for fear that they could be toppled. so, how can I make an attractive yet functional cave for the fish to hide in? would using hot glue to bind the rocks contaminate the water?


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Hot glue will not contaminate the water. If you are worried about the rocks toppling, maybe put in pvc pipe and building the rocks around it


I don't think you should be worried about them falling. Just build them how you think they could be secure. But if you really don't want that, then you always have the other option of using driftwood for caves. Just arrange some to make it form a cave.


I would worry about building up a rock formation with a jag. It won't take much for it to knowck it down as it grows. You could use bigger rocks that would not have to be stacked and throw some driftwood over top. There are many things you could do without actually stacking rocks.

Also I would use an aquarium safe silicone rather than hot glue if you are going to bind anything together.



If budget isn't as much of an issue, try gooling cichlid caves.

There are these ornamental rocks you can buy, which have holes in them. They're meant to be stable and come in all different sizes. There's a website dedicated to them somewhere, and has some pics of how to use them.

I'm looking, but haven't found it yet. I'll post it if I do.

This one may be interesting...

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