Large Paludarium Plans And Species Suggestion.

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    Hola everyone, I'm planning out a fairly large paludarium with a roughly 400 gallon pond area stocked with fish and the rest will be the terrarium part
    I'm working out a food web to limit my intervention with the tank and let the fish act somewhat more naturally.

    I have a rough draft for the pond to provide a housing area that the fish can't get to for Daphnia and Mysis to for decent colonies and having Tubifex or some other worm in the substrate.
    Some MTS or other snails to control Algae and also assist in substrate aeration. I will have some Loaches to control the population of the snails but provide places for the snails to effectively hide so as to not eliminate the population completely.
    I'm going to have some RCS's to help with the clean up and algae control as well as the shrimp fry providing another source of food for the few Bettas (Trust me, I know what I'm doing here) and the Guppy population.

    I was wondering what other semi-flashy or cool looking fish I can keep in the pond area. For the Terrarium I will have a population of Springtail and some crickets if possible. I am not too sure about the food web for this part and want some help.

    I want to have a tree frog or two, a tropical gecko, and/or an anole or something along those lines and I would appreciate and input on potential food sources for them and the food sources for said food sources.

    This whole tank will be heavily planted so I am also looking for some ideas about the lighting. I want to set the lights up on timers to simulate daylight, sunrise and sunset, nighttime, and twilight for the tank so if I can get any suggestions on that, then it would be much appreciated.

    As with all of this, I would like any suggestions for any part of this, whether it be substrate suggestions, lighting, species, plants, plumbing, equipment, whatever.
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    This sounds like a great project, don't forget the pics as it progresses :)
    Hope someone who's done something similar can help answer your questions today
  3. OP

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    Well when I get it all together and start actually building it then I'm going to my plans and pictures as it progresses. It's a few years off though...4-5 years at the least.
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    Wow this is so cool!

    You could make a brackish pool beside the freshwater pool with access to land have some crabs or something.

    For plants I would definitely recommend java moss. Moss always seems to have living things in that fish like to eat. Also some floating plants like salvinia would be good for the bettas.

    Nerite snails are awesome for algae control.

    The lighting sounds pretty good, for evening time blue lights are good. Make sure they get a few hours with no light at all though.

    For substrate I think sand is best. It is more natural and easy to clean.

    I think it would look really good with lots of live plants on the land area as well.
  5. OP

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    My plan is to have a beach type area bordering the pool with sand but further in on the terrestrial part I want to use some sort of soil substrate. As far as a brackish pool next to the freshwater, how would I go about doing that? and is there an alternative to brakish water crabs, are there any that are purely freshwater? I know most crabs need that brackish water in order to breed but I've heard from a few people that there are freshwater crabs, idk how reliable those people are though. I'm going to have to do some crab research.
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    Looking at crabs, it seems as it the Vampire Crab would be perfect for the environment i'm going to build and they also look awesome. f806735b267466a3126d2b3f495b22a8.jpg
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    This is a rough draft of the plumbing plans. I will have a RODI filter sending approximately .55 gallons per hour down the waterfall and through the stream to enter the pond area. from there the water will remain level as it will continually drain down a pvc pipe into the sump and refugium at the bottom then pumped back up to enter at the beginning of the stream. On the way up to the stream I will have an offshoot pipe that will drain approximately .55 gallons per hour out of the system. This will, over the course of a month, replace 400 gallons of water which is about the volume I plan on having for the water region essentially eliminating the need for manual water changes. This is a rough draft, for the return pump in the sump about what kind of gph rate should it have?

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    This is such a cool idea. I can't wait to see more of your plans and progress pics.