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Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by genie, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I bought a large piece of driftwood and it is too big to boil. I have it in a big plastic tote. I used the hottest water from the tap and left it to soak overnight. Is there anything else I can or should do to this driftwood to make it safe. It sinks already and I bought it from the LFS so it is for the aquarium. I just want to try to get all of the tannins out. Any suggestions?? Also the store owner told me to add hydrogen peroxide to the soak. Any opinions on that?
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    soak it one more time with some boiling water and it should be good to go.....if you want to get all the tannis out, keep soaking until your water is no longer brown ...I would NOT use the peroxide as it will soak into the wood then leach out in your tank
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    That's kinda what I thought. Okey Dokey... thanks for the fast reply.
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    Good advice from Shawnie. Just to add to that if you put it in the tank & it is still leaching tannins you can remove them by adding activated carbon to the filter. You may need to replace the carbon fairly often depending on how much tannins are leaching but it will slow down eventually. Beware that tannins lower the PH of water.
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    As long as hydrogen peroxide has ANY air exposure it turns from hydrogen peroxide into water and O2 (oxygen in its safe form)... If you used hydrogen peroxide just make sure you let it sit for a bit to react and turn "into water and oxygen gas spontaneously".

    Also don't soak it in hydrogen peroxide just cover it with hydrogen peroxide.

    I'm not saying you have to use it just saying its safe when used properly...
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    How large is it? Hope to see some photos of it soon :D Best of luck! :;hf
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    Exactly. I"m not saying the hydrogen peroxide will work, but it shouldn't harm the fish because it should harmlessly break down into water anyway.

    If you don't have hydrogen peroxide then maybe something like Oxyclean free will work. It would have to be the FREE version with no perfumes or anything added to it. This product will easily decompose in water as well.
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    Just rinse it well with boiling water if it came from the LFS. The real concern to sterilize is when you find a nice piece in a bog or pond....they are full of extra organisms!!...good and bad.