Large Angels

  1. galvatron3000 Member Member

    I wanted to created a thread for those who have Large Angels ( to distinguish between large and dwarfs)and give others an idea of what to expect from your particular genus and species. I personally am going to be receiving a Pomacanthus Maculosos soon.

    Am looking into possibly adding a Passer (King) or Queen taking into account the risks as well
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Im a noob with sw fish and tanks but would love to see some pics of your angels and fish if you get a chance :) (its about the only way I get to experience sw LOL)

  3. galvatron3000 Member Member

    sure, I always try to showcase:;scuba
  4. Hypnox Member Member

    A pic of my blue hippo tang.


  5. galvatron3000 Member Member

    I should have a picture up sometime next week, the fish should arrive Tuesday.
  6. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Hypnox, that almost looks like a picture!! :eek: lol...or is it and its some kinda joke? Lol...I dunno :/
    And i'd love to see pics of large angels, they're so amazing! :eek:
  7. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    HaHa HaHa! Very nice Powder Blue Tang. Does it come off also? LOL!

  8. Hypnox Member Member

    It's the worlds most awesome paintchop job. :p
  9. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    You should make it avail/sell for others if can print/produce on sticker and/or temporary Tatoo, thing that children uses. You can even move from tank to tank if a sticker. No more cycling and no more water changes. LOL!
  10. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    haha i'm sure ¬_¬
    I thought it looked a bit fishy - - excuse the pun... around the edges haha

  11. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    funny you mention that, but actualy, you can buy 'fish dvds' ands its just like a fishtank, and if you put it on a big tv on the wall it looks like a wall tank. It's actually pretty cool, we were thinking of getting one for parties and the like...but i'm not sure now lol :p
  12. WETTRIGGER Initiate Member


    I have always wanted an Imperator (adult) Angel
    IMO one of the most beautiful fish there is.
  13. galvatron3000 Member Member

    ok, I received a purple tang and pomacanthus maculosus angelfish on wedesday but he stays hidden all day so i cant take a pic yet
  14. galvatron3000 Member Member