land frog/fish terrarium! 5 Gallon Tank

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  1. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    Hello all!
    I have made a video seeking advice and answers! I have recently made a 5gallon terrarium (50/50 land/water except mines more 25/75)

    Watch this video!

    In the FIRST At around 3:00 I start asking questions that I would love to hear from you guys about! At the end I ask for more advice on some things!

    I did this in a video for fun and to post on youtube!

    In the SECOND video I just posted music and I show my 5gallon terrarium, 10gallon fresh, 30gallon salt, and 40gallon fresh! (I would love advice on those too!) On my 30 gallon salt I am getting more liverock on friday to help fill it up!

    Thanks alot in advance!
  2. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    2 hours later and no more progress with the water clearing up with the filter going....

  3. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    Should I boil the wood from the pet shop?

  4. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Your duplicate thread has been deleted. It's only necessary to have one thread for a question.
    ;) Less confusing for everyone.

  5. 2focusdNew MemberMember

    More than likely the tannins from the driftwood are making your water have that brown tinge. I'm curious to hear updates about this tank because I've always thought it'd be neat to have a toad or frog though I fear that he'll eventually eat the neons, if they don't die from being overstocked in that small amount of water.

  6. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    sorry I posted another video in the members videos/tanks section because I also wanted it there for showing my tank. and this thread for the help specific to the water

    "More than likely the tannins from the driftwood are making your water have that brown tinge. I'm curious to hear updates about this tank because I've always thought it'd be neat to have a toad or frog though I fear that he'll eventually eat the neons, if they don't die from being overstocked in that small amount of water.


    Should I do a water change, boil the wood, or what? I always thought the petstore would at least do all that stuff before selling it!
  7. 2focusdNew MemberMember

    Well, I'm not sure if that'll be enough to help the driftwood or not. It seems like most people just submerge the stuff for a long while to ensure that it's bleached and sinkable, but I'd wait until someone who knows more about driftwood to come in here :)

  8. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    It would be much easier for the members if you simply post your questions in this thread along with the voice over in the video.

    I won't "agrue" as you put it, I'll simply say neons do better in a proper school of about 6 and need more swim room than 3 gallons allow.
    IMO, this isn't necessarily a bio-load issue (as far as the neons are concerned. I don't know about fire bellied toads).
    Perhaps that's why they're hiding. They're pretty active little fish.

    Drift wood can leach tannis for a very long time. You can try boiling it to get as much out as you can.
    Frequent water changes should help also.
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  9. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    Thanks alot!

    "I won't "agrue" as you put it" hopefully you weren't angry with me there, I certainly did not mean to affend you..if I did I do apologize. I will try boiling the drift wood and do a water change right now I suppose

    EDIT: how long do I boil it for?
  10. midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Your log looks like typical Mopani wood from the petstore and I understand that they do have tannin leaching issues (sometimes years!). You could boil it to leach more tannins out, and use carbon to help filter it out (but it looks like your filter is doing a good job of that already). In any case, it looks like it may be that way for several weeks at least. Sources:


    Your terrarium looks nice though! I don't know anything about the needs of the fire bellied toads except for what I just now googled. I think you said you're not keeping a lid on the tank, and I don't know whether the toad will jump out or anything, but even assuming it doesn't, the toad eats crickets, doesn't it? Which would totally jump out without the lid? (Or maybe not if you use a mesh lid?) My understanding is that they feed on live things. I also don't know how the crickets would do with so much water. Then there's the issue of evaporation, but it's probably manageable.

    Anyway, I hope that's enough room for the toad. The neons would probably be happier (not hiding) if they had more buddies and room, but I don't think that's necessarily advisable with less than 3 gallons of water. Maybe at some point you could upgrade to a 10g?

    Also it's hard to tell from the video, but are the rocks on the left secure? It would be bad if they fell and hurt one of the little guys.
  11. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    At the time no, but I did go to a hardware store this morning, but some wire mesh and now I have very secure mesh on the top.

    And yes the rocks are secured with aquarium safe glue. Also I have plans (within 2 weeks) of starting and finishing a 70 gallon tall terrarium ecosystem. It will include 20 gallons of swimming space for neon tetras and some swordtails.
    The top 50-60 gallons (HIGH) will have many branches and such going up for green tree frogs and green anoles.

    DEBATING on finches on the top canopy however I need to figure out a system for their waste. (CURRENTLY thinking having mesh with small holes giving the finches a 10gallon area which is plenty for 2-3 finches.)

    (I have been saving up for this for awhile now and currently have 300$ towards it and have been working my job alot the past 2 weeks and will be recieving a nice paycheck for a teenager!) I am planning on making a DiY thread here to keep everyone updated if anyone is interested.

    (This 70 gallons may be unrealistic, like I said I am still researching it... however that would leave 20gallons for the water/terrain area for the fish and fire bellied toads... 40 gallons for the anole lizards (green anoles) and tree frogs... and 10 gallons for the finches.)

    EDIT: to address the rest of your concerns.

    The frog feeds on mealworms which stay on the rock

    Also a fire belly can live very happily in a 5 gallon as i've researched!
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  12. midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, I clicked around some more and found recommendations as low as 5 gallons on other sites, at least when it's just one. Glad to hear it though. I was surprised to find out how long they can live -- sometimes up to 30 years! Geez, I could be retiring by then.
  13. bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    I was going to put a firebelly toad in my son's paludarium until I found out that, like typical toads and frogs, they'll eat anything they can fit in their mouths, including fish. That's why I decided on firebelly newts instead (haven't gotten them yet...waiting for the LFS to get some in as all they have right now are paddletailed newts and they get a little bigger than what I wanted). However, I honestly don't think that a firebelly toad is a good choice for such a small area unless it's the sole inhabitant. They require more land than water (another reason I decided against them). Also, as everyone has pointed out, your neons would be happier in a bigger group with more swimming room. I have 10 in my 55gal and they use ALL of that four feet of tank length to play in. I would honestly suggest upgrading this tank to a MINIMUM 10gal (my son's paludarium is a 29gal). But, it's your deal, so whatever.
  14. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    Haha ya! They are definetely interesting creatures!
  15. binskiboiValued MemberMember

    From all the sites I've read if you go water and land that the toad likes 25 land 75% water best. I could be wrong but I've read that several places

    Does anyone know a fish I could put in the little area?...any kind at all? Preferable with some color to them. I could always m ove the neon's to the 40 gallon with 3 more of them.

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