Lamp Eye Tetras Surrounding Pregnant Platy, Aggressive With Anyfish That Come Near

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by samin amiri, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. samin amiriNew MemberMember

    have a 30 gallon community tank with a molly,2 platys; a sunset and a mickey mouse red one. (IM PRETTY SURE THEYRE BOTH PREGNANT) few zebra danios and guppys also have a small pleco and 2 small cories. I've noticed my 6 lamp eyetetras are handing out at the bottom surrounding the 2 platys, is this normal? can anyone explain
    are they "guarding" the platys till they deliever? when they're a bit bigger I plan on moving them into another tank with some adult guppys

    -planted tank lots of hiding places and I feed them well, tank has been up for 2 months and ph is where it should be
  2. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Hi & welcome to Fishlore.
    If the platys are near to giving birth then the tetras could be keeping close to grab a free meal as the fry are born, one of the sad facts of nature.
    This is why livebearers are such prolific breeders as they're heavily predated on.
  3. wildfishNew MemberMember

    I'm thinking these lamp eye fish are aggressive. Its either the lamp eye or the glow fish? Has anyone else noticed this about them? One of the lamp eyes is almost 3 inches, the other 2 are quite smaller than him. Somebody is terrorizing the black fin tetras and the neons. several neons missing and a guppy. everthing I read says they are peaceful! I just found a baby black fin tetra hiding behind some plants. I have added more plants for his protection. going to get a divider or something to protect this baby. the lamp eyes (3 of them) keep going hoover over where they know the baby is.