Lake Tanganyika Stocking

  1. Cman7

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    I'm moving in a month and I'm in a dilemma. Right now my two tank are as follows
    50 gallon low boy, 48x24x10h, filter ehiem ecco 2236 and aqua clear 50
    stocking 3- julie marlieri, 9 adult neo multies and 6 1" juvies and a handful of fry, 2 bristle nose

    40 long 48x12x16, filter eheim 2217 and aquaclear 70
    stocking- 10 cyps, 2 alto calvus, 2 gold ocellatus, 3 caudopunk, 5 syno lucippins , and 2 bristlenose (overstocked but they are all juvies growing out for the move)

    I'm setting up a 75g with wet/dry and plan to move the eheim 2217 and all the stocking from the 40 into it and just adding a couple more cyps.

    would it be fine to move the fish from the 50 to the 40. I love the low boy tank but the footprint isnt going to work in the room I plan for it.
    I planned to only keep a pair of the 4 bristlenose I have looking to get a pair. Which tank do you think they will work out better
    40long- 3 julie, 12-15 adult multie (end game) Then sell the fry
    75- 12 cyps, 2 calvus, 2 occies, 2 punks, and the 5 synos
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    Giving this a bump up for you