Lake tang shells

  1. emmynk Well Known Member Member

    I have a lake tang tank with shell dwellers.

    When I clean my tank, is it okay to move their shells around? Or does this disturb them? Because I see fish poop in them ... I want to clean them out but they are skittish as it is! Haha
  2. Sayba Well Known Member Member

    I would think making sure they tank is clean and water is perfect is more important, if you scare anything it will just swim off and hide somewhere else.
  3. 19jimmy17 Member Member

    I wouldn't move their shells around, I remembered reading a study done on some shell dweller species and the fish became very stressed when their shells were moved around. Also they spend a lot of time moving the shells to their liking within there little territories.

    I would use a turkey baster to get the poop out of the shells if it bugs you just try not to bump them around. I wouldn't be surprised if they clean there shells by picking out gunk and spitting it out of their shells.