Ladies Getting Change Of Scenery...sorta...

  1. Mhaire Member Member

    Staging the area for a 20 long change of black to white sand. 20 lb of sand rinsed, 20 more on the stand by if needed. 8 cups to hold the ladies. 1 cup for what is left of my shrimp. 5 gallon bucket to hold both sponge filters and plants. One bucket to toss old sand...etc.... I changed the 5 gallon tank last month...more or less to see what would be involved. Picture of old here and will add new after its all done.

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  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Make sure you have plenty of towels, paper and cloth, and music tuned up. It makes the job go faster.

  3. Mhaire Member Member

    Lol..first thing...started a little Rob Zombie. Just getting deco together. Sand changed...filled..water tested...and did the water change in the male betta 5 gallon....needed a little instant gratification . Oh..and brought home two more ladies. Still debating a bit more sand...have more stuff to put in. But so far not bad.oh yeh, the other ladies in the cups. Glad I saved the Cups when I bought them.

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