L037 Snakeskin Pleco Care Question

  1. gschmidt Initiate Member

    Hi Fishlore!
    I was planning on getting a L037 pleco (snakeskin pleco/honeycomb pleco) for my 37 gallon community tank. I am going to wait a little longer to get one because I want my tank to establish a little more, but I think they are definitely on my list for future fish. The thing I really need to know about these guys is their diet. They aren’t the most common pleco, but I am hoping that someone out there has a general idea of what they should be fed, when they should be fed, and how often they should be fed. Also -side question- How can one get a cucumber to sink?
    Any advice about this kind of pleco care is helpful. Thanks in advance!
  2. SPiNoVA Member Member

    I use a bag clip on the cucumber (and spinach) to get them to sink.

  3. gschmidt Initiate Member

    What is a bag clip? And what should they eat other than cucumbers?
  4. SPiNoVA Member Member

    The kind of clips that you use for closing potato chip bags (for instance). You can use binder clips as well. Metal works better than plastic.

  5. gschmidt Initiate Member

    Doesn’t the metal add some stuff to the water than you don’t want in there?
  6. SPiNoVA Member Member

    No more than plastic, I guess. The ones I use are coated; that way, they don't rust.