Kuhlii color change


When I would wake in the morning, for the past 2 mornings, I'd find one of my Kuhliis (Pangio kuhli) has turned more flesh colored with the colored patched and stripes fading away. But, when I return home frm work in the evening it would be normal again. Has anyone else dealt with this before?

Master Snake

Some fish get pale when adjusting to certain conditions. I notice the most color change happens when you turn on the lights or accidentally spook them.


Many fish including my kuhlis fade at night. I thought maybe they were trying to blend in with my sand while sleeping.

Bad Wolf

well I just did a 40% water change yesterday and I found three kuhlis, I though I only had 2. they had a completely different pattern and 1 of them was really orange and 1 of the other ones were pale yellow.

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