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Do you think the fishasfe reefglue is sufficient enough to keep the rocks up without the epoxy? A little nervous to use the epoxy.
depends how big the rocks are, mate. we used big ones (see my profile pic) in our 72g bowfront. so there was no way the glue worked on it's own.

it's actually not scary if you do it well. you can have water in the tank and "build" your insert outside the tank and let it dry. but you need a "floor plan" so you can look down and make sure it fits before it's permanent! and watch out for that bar in the middle that keeps your tank structurally sound...

anyway, my experience is you need both if the rocks are anything but small and especially if they are odd "natural" looking shapes.

what we did was:

1. decide what piece was going where.
2. heat up the epoxy in a bowl we ruined for like 15 seconds
3. "kneed" the epoxy for 5 full minutes
4. put glue on the rock at the bottom and the rock we were placing onto it
5. put the epoxy in thin sheet (i liked making it into little worms) on one rock
6. put glue on the epoxy
7. hold for 1 minute

you can only really work with each batch for 10 minutes. your hands turn colour, but it comes off with soap and water (don't get soap near the fish!)

i'll find the link to our build thread in case you want to see more detail... please stand by
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