Kuhli Loach rant

That's right, I'm ranting about one of nature's gentlest creatures. My 55 gallon planted community tank that has been around for seven years just had a small ammonia spike because my second batch of kuhlis in the last year is dying...again. They didn't even have the good sense to pass in a place I could see them. I only noticed because my dwarf gourami started acting out of sorts. Ammonia: was 0, nitrites:0, nitrates: about 5: ph stable 7.0. I have approximately 100 fish in my tanks combined that I can't manage to kill, even other loaches, so what is it about kuhlis that make me a serial killer of them? And why do I keep adding them? Should I spare others the same fate and let my cories rule the bottom or do I risk it? Kuhli lovers I'm looking to you for suggestions/advice/chastising
That used to be me with angel fish years ago. I haven't tried again since then.

My guess is you keep adding them because there is something that you like about them! I personally would maybe take a break from them...maybe fall down a rabbit hole or two and find out some little trinket of info that may give you the answers you seek.

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