Kuhli Loach Mass Death

Discussion in 'Loaches' started by zinodyta1, May 28, 2018.

  1. zinodyta1New MemberMember

    Hi, i recently bought seven kuhli loaches from my local pet store i put in into my cycled 29 gallon tank with 2 dwarf gouramies, 9 cherry bards, and 2 assasin snails. The first day, everythinbg seemed fine, but on the second day, one of the fish suddenly died. I was worried, but thought it might have been stress due to ther new enviorment. Later that day, i brought it back to the store to get a refund. My water qualities were, Ammonia: < 0.25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 40. The person at the store said that the death may have been due to poor acclamation as i only put the aquarium water into the bag once before dumping the all in. The second day came, and i was devastated that a second fish died, but still thought it was due to the poor acclamation. The third day came, and TWO more fish died. At that point I was really worried, as it seemed to be from another cause. The fourth day came, and you guessed it, another loach died. By the fifth day, pretty much all the loaches have died. The loaches have no obviouse injuries on them, and all the other fish seem to be doing fine. I thought it might be due to increased aggresion from the cherry barbs as some of them are currently carring eggs. In the end, I still have no idea why they are dying. Please help! :(
  2. Thunder_o_b

    Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    Greetings and welcome to Fishlore.

    Kuhlis are best drip acclimated, they are a bit on the delicate side.

    Also, in a fully cycled aquarium you should not be reading any ammonia.
  3. OP

    zinodyta1New MemberMember

    Would acclamation keep killing the fish after 5 days? The ammonia might just be a msread, they colors are really similar.

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