Krystal Clear Aquatics Auburn MA (Near the pike and rt 20)

Discussion in 'USA Fish Stores' started by pirahnah3, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Just found this place this weekend, stopped in and it looked like a small little store (from the outside anyways) Met a very helpful young man behind the counter who directed me to "walk down back and as the lady down there, she can tell you" Ok so it put me off for half a moment but hey he didn't know and was sending me to someone who did. Mind you he looked about all of 16 as well. I head thru a doorway and into what I thought was the back, a room well stocked with food products, everything from Tetra, Hikari, Omega one, NLS and others. Then I see a few isles of filters and assorted aquarium products. some tanks on a side wall catch my eye and there are 3 tanks full of small shrimp, below them BINS of live rock, well taken care of and in a circulation setup. Theres some nice betas on a rack looking nice and healthy for being in cups.

    I head thru another door, and down some stairs..... I can't explain it you have to go see it for yourself. You want to see tanks and fish and all the goodies go here. They really specialize in salt water species and let me tell you they trump most stores I have been in. Beyond the estates of SW tanks you'll find about that again with fresh water tanks! I met the woman I was looking for down here. We talked a bit and she excused herself for a moment to finish up another customer. Quickly another employee was there, he gladly helped me, we talked a bit about the store and the fish. I purchased a fish and headed out for the day.

    Back again another day now and it was much slower and I spent the better part of 2 hours chatting with the owner and his wife (who was the woman I met down back) Great people very knowledgeable and willing to share and teach and just enjoy talking fish. If your in central MA or even the quiet corner of CT its worth the drive.

    I hope the mods don't mind but here is a link to their site


    They will also special order just about anything for you as well! I think I'm gonna go broke lol.

    Prices are very reasonable and the service is great. Head on down its worth the drive.

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