Kribs eating sand

Discussion in 'Kribensis - Kribs' started by kidster9700, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. kidster9700Well Known MemberMember

    So my female krib and sometimes the male krib, eat sand or something. They get huge mouthfuls and spit it out. Are they eating the trumpet snails? What are they doing?

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  2. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    My platies and ram do this, I think they're just foraging for leftover food bits. They take sand in their mouths, nom for food particles and spit it back out.

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  3. kidster9700Well Known MemberMember

    huh, never had my platies do that! but i mean its like all the kribs do lol. she just goes around spitting sand every where. it's really funny because right now they're guarding eggs and so the female is basically queen of the tank and it looks like she's aquascaping or something XD
  4. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Yep, foraging for food.... and rearranging the substrate. Cichlids like doing this I've noticed.
  5. kidster9700Well Known MemberMember

    its ridiculously funny to watch. she's super adventurous too, which is odd since normally the female stays in the nest to guard it. i think she's just well established that no fish are allowed near her rock burrow.

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