Krib breeding questions

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now after looking up some more info about kribs i'm so tempted to head out to work right now and scoop the rest of our kribs!!! as the more I read about them the more I want them but i'd also love to start breeding them too... now what would be recommended for tank mates and in aquarium plants/decorative rocks....
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I am thinking about getting some to put in with an angel pair. Normally I would not mix cichlids from other regions, but my reading has shown me that this combination is an exception to that rule. Just google their scientific name, and you should have all the info you need.
Juan and Sylvia
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What do I feed newly hatched Kribs?

I read that powdered fish flakes is fine. Does that mean that I need to crush the flakes to small pieces or is that a separate food product? I think that there were originally about 50 in the fry and now there about 30. I hope they're not dying from hunger. Appreciate any help in this.
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A site that can give you lots of information on breeding Kribs, and feeding the young is:

There are some very specific suggestions. Good Luck.

We would love to hear about your tanks, fish, and always love to see pictures!
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I read that powdered fish flakes is fine. Does that mean that I need to crush the flakes to small pieces or is that a separate food product? I think that there were originally about 50 in the fry and now there about 30. I hope they're not dying from hunger. Appreciate any help in this.
They grow better and faster with fry powdered food.
Krib are fine with other fish until they breed. I had mine in with angels last soon as they bred I had to take the angels out. They got aggressive, especially mom who tore dad caudal fin right off. He later died of an infection from that attack. They were in a 50 gallon at the time.
Juan and Sylvia
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Information is always a good thing!

I just noticed today there is a breeding pair of Kribs on Aquabid!
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I just notice I got baby kribs but the male has all the other fish up one end of the tank will the baby's survive in a community tank with angels and rams,two silver sharks
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This is my first blog so bear with me. This one is following my kribensis breeding. I bought the kribs from a fish store 2 months ago. The female has laid eggs for me once, about 3 weeks ago, but my pleco got all the eggs the 2nd night. My female is full of eggs and today is the 2nd day of starvation. I will do a 40% wc then a large feeding of blood worms to see if that will get them in the mood.
kribensis keeper
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fingers crossed good luck
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Good luck.

I would remove the pleco or the results will be much the same.

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I put the pleco in a separate area, I did the water change and did a large feeding of bloodworms. They are very defensive and very colorful. The female is cleaning areas and the male is shivering everywhere.
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Best of luck Gouramiguy.
Glad to see you have a blog now. They come in handy when you're trying to keep track of things.
Keep us posted.
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I can see the females vent today so I'm hoping they will spawn today.

Ok they spawned today!!!! I can't see the eggs because they bred in one of my coconut caves. I know because her stomach is very skinny and she stays in her coconut and the male is very defensive. I have the pleco in a breeder box.

What are some good fry foods besides ground up flakes and frozen bbs? Should I start an infursia culture?
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What are some good fry foods besides ground up flakes and frozen bbs? Should I start an infursia culture?

You could do that. hikarI first bites is also good too
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Ok thanks
Btw kribensiskeeper you were right, they are so much less aggressive than the first time, although the did beat up my angel.

The eggs should be hatching sometime soon, is there anyway that I could check to see without flipping the cave?

Well they had sort of lost interest in the eggs so I lifted the coconut and didn't see anything. I am asuming that they ate the eggs this time because the pleco got the eggs the first time and the pleco is in a breeder box

Yipee, ok so I was going around and stirring up poop(literally) and I lifted one of my coconut huts and saw the side covered in eggs! I think there was atleast 150 eggs. I immedatly put the pot back and the female darted right back into it and the male started attacking my arm. Yipee, I put the pleco in the breeder box so he won't get the eggs

Yipeee! The eggs are still alive as I can see them without disturbing them. I think they layed them Friday night so they should hatch... Today! Or tomorrow

Yipeee!!!! I can see their tails of the ones in my artifical mother system. They are so cute
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Are planning on raising the fry up?

Anyway Congrats
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Yep, I plan on raising as many as I can, I have about 15 fry in my afrtifical mother system and the rest I am going to leave to the parents then I am going to snag some and raise more in a breeder box

Well today I looked in my coconut and I didn't see any fry so I was a bit sad, but later my mom said" why is the female in this corner? I looked and the female was guarding a pile of fry. I am so happy.

Well when I came home I got worried b/c I didn't see the fry but I looked harder then I saw the fry in a pile underthe side of my driftwood


heres 2 of the fry:


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Cool did you switch tanks yet?

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no, we went to get the tank and my mom didnt like it so I have to find another one and I might get one this weekend if the people don't sell it
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The babies are so cute! You took some excellent pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.
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Well I was gone and my sisters had some friends over and decided to show off my bettas jumping skills, well my kribs thought they were going to et fed so they came to the top and my betta dived to the bottom and went to te pile and chowed down, there were 10 left after that. Then my syno cat got a bit hungry then finished off the rest. Oh well, there's always next time.
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That sucks sorry.
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They spawned yesterday!!! The female was very skinny and her eggs tube was out. Yesterday was a great day; I got to go to the Oklahoma aquarium then my kribs spawned! Let's hope my luck will keep going because I am going to look at a fish tank today.
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Good luck this time around GG.
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Hey good luck this time Gouramiguy, we're rootin' for you.. Make sure those sisters of yours keep away from your fish =)
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Hey mine just spawned today! (or at least that's when I noticed.) We should have fry around the same time.
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Cool treefork!
Well I got another tank and my
parents are very strict about 1 tank rule and they want to get rid of the tank asap but my kribs have their spawn in there, should I talk my parents into waiting a couple weeks before I switch tanks or would it be ok to switch the eggs over to the other tank?
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Well I came home today and I saw 40+ fry swimming around. I put in some golden pearls and the fry started swarming! I've been trying to take some pics but it's hard
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Why do your parents only let you have 1 tank?

Anyway Glad luck on raising them
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Wow, what everyone says is true; you'll never be able to figure women out. I know my male krib didn't. His wife is odd, she will nip him when he isn't watching the fry and shell nip him if he is too close to the fry. Well I got a scare when I came back from school today, my male had a third of his tail missing. I switched hm over to my other tank.
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Since this is the first time that my kribs have spawned they will most likely eat them. But will they eat the eggs or wait until they hatch and then have lunch?

They seem to be doing fine so far they are not eating the eggs yet the female won't leave the cave and the male circles around the cave warding off other fish will they not eat them?
kribensis keeper
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if they are going to eat them they will do so most likely now in the egg stage
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Ok thanks well I hope they don't they have not yet so I guess that's a good sign!!
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yeah just try not to disturb them..
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how long to wait before I remove the fry and is it possible to leave the fry in with the parents?
If not will the fry be ok in a 2.5 gallon until I can find them a new home or give them to a lfs.
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i'm thinking its ok for about a little over a month...after that if your kribs spawn again, they will see them as intruders and attack them...
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what about the fry staying in a 2.5 after that?
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The parents will take care of the fry for quite a while. If you remove the fry the parents will probably spawn again, if you don't they will take care of the fry for several months typically.
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So I took my kribs from my big tank because they were getting aggressive towards my other fish. Before they laid eggs and ate them and was really into each other but now I've left them by thereself they just ignore each other and sit on different sides of the tank!

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