Koi Update

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    Hi just thought I would share some photo's of my first lot of koi fry ever. I got them at about 1/2 to 1 inch long about 4 months ago. Some look massive compared to the others now and some even come close to the size of my 2 year old shop bought koi.

    Left - 6 month old koi Right - 2 year old koi

    These 2 are the same age from the same parents and look at the size difference.

    Another lot from the same parents at roughly the same size.

    Largest and smallest 6 month old koi.

    Selection of koi fry.

    The one in the middle is a 6 month old koi, the bottom is the smallest of the 3, 2 year old koi and the top is 1-3 year old koi.

    Lastly we got some larger koi from an auction.


    12-14 inch Showa

    18-20 inch Ogon, has long fins and tail could possibly be a butterfly cross.
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    WOW! Pretty Koi!
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    Really nice! I think Koi are just gorgeous :D
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    Any pictures of your pond ? :)
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    AJ59690 Valued Member Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]