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I have an issue with one of my Koi, as one of them jumped out of the pond for no apparent reason 2 days ago, I found him half dead I estimate it must have been about 30 minutes or more out of the water as he actually felt dry.. and barely moved when I picked him up.. fortunately he recovered or so I thought.. the next day white patches where spreading throughout his body... or more like he was loosing his color and there seems to be some damage to his fins.. as if he is loosing sections of them on the edges, specially on the tail, they just look kind of fuzzy.

Then this morning I noticed he had sunken eyes.. now I really can´t say if I just noticed this or if he developed sunken eyes, also on closer inspection as I removed him from the pond and into a fish tank, his skin looks wrinkled.. almost as if something was sucking his eyes and skin to the inside, he looks awful as if he was dry.

I'm just wondering if this is just a "normal" side effect of a koi just spending too much time out of water, if so I'm hoping he just needs some time to recover, I also don't see him eating, but again I guess he´ll need time .

Any guesses?


Are you sure he jumped out and wasn't just carried out by a bird who overestimated his carrying ability? It happens from time to time. You might try putting a net over the pond to prevent either of those things happening again.

Sorry to hear about your fish. The white patches seem like they could be some sort of burn. Have you tested the water yet to see where your levels are? Maybe he was jumping out of what he considered to be poor water conditions?


Well I have other koi and they look perfectly fine, also its a small pond and usually when they jump is when someone walks buy and they get startled.. there´s just no way for a bird to take them out of the pond, or at least I don´t see how.

He probably jumped out when jumping from one of the shallow areas into the deep end of th epond, since I have a layered pond.. tried to pass above a rock or something and just jumped too far. But yeah its not water conditions I always make sure the water is perfect.


I'm sorry, but if your pond isn't covered, regardless of size, if it's outdoors, there's every possibility that a bird took the fish from the pond.

That said, in the end it doesn't matter. I would just keep the water clean and at an appropriate temperature. Possibly salt the tank he/she is in during recovery. If the fish was really out of water for 30 minutes, aside from oxygen deprivation, he/she could easily be sunburnt.


My grandparents have a pond and even though they don't like the look, they keep theirs covered due to the longtime mysterious disappearances of several fish. As soon as they covered it the fish stopped going missing. He could have jumped but then again a hungry bird could have snagged him. It sounds like he got sunburnt, but hopefully someone can give you more proactive advice to help.


You have to be careful because it's not just birds. My godfather has a koi pond and he has more problems with raccoons rather than birds. He put one of those "owl watcher" ornaments outside his pond, Raccoons and other birds get scared = no more prized koi go missing.


So far I´ve confirmed with the help of my local fish store that the koi has KHV ... so I started treatment consisting in a medicine called 4 - sulfat for bacterial infections and parasites that mostly because of the open wounds and the heat because i'm also doing heat treatment, maintaining the quarantine tank at a temperature of 90 degrees. Fish does not seem to be getting worse and the fungus that was growing on him which apparently is a byproduct of the virus is beginning to fall of from his scales. His left side which was the side exposed to the air when I found him is doing much better.. altho the side that was in contact with the concrete floor is falling off.. I can actually see muscle in some areas and well of course that´s got me worried who knows if he´ll be able to recover from that no matter how much care I give.

But its been 3 days since the initial symptoms .. and he is swimming normally, or at least better than when I quarantined him so I'm hopeful.

I´ll be giving updates, in the next few days, as for the other koi in the tank they don't seem to be affected altho I´ll be taking a close look. I should note.. I doubt he got burned because I found him late in the day when it was already getting dark, but at most that area could have gotten drier as a result and the damage is a combination of that and the KHV virus. We´ll see how he does.


Good luck! Such a sad thing to see.


Juanidw, I'm thinking your fish may be having side affects from having been out of water for a long period of time versus having KHV. KHV has a high mortality rate and fish will succumb very fast to it. Also, KHV is highly contagious to other koi or carp, so your other koi should be displaying symptoms. I believe your koi is suffering from sever dehydration versus KHV. Please keep us posted on his recovery.

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