Koi angel is hiding in upper left corner of tank

Recently bought 6 angelfish on Monday, 4 of which were koi angels. One of the angels unfortunately died on Tuesday but I figured it was just really stressed out by the new conditions. The rest are doing fine except one, it keeps hiding in the upper left corner of the tank just staring into the corner like its scared, but the rest are acting totally fine. They’re eating well and are moving around a lot by now except this one. It tries to eat but spits out food and doesn’t eat anything.
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 5
pH is a little high, around 8.0
Temperature is 80F
I’m not sure of my water hardness since I lost my test strips for that, but we live off of a well so our water is pretty hard. Leaves stains everywhere if it’s not cleaned up. Maybe the water is too hard? But if that was the case wouldn’t the rest of the angels be acting the same way?

I really want this fish to live because I’m waiting for a pair to form in my tank and I don’t wanna be left with 4 angels. Any idea what’s going on?

Edit: These fish are very young. They’re about the size of a dime to a nickel.

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