Knife fish

  1. TrainerRuby

    TrainerRuby Member Member

    So I'm at my lfs and they have a couple knife fish. They look really cool and I kinda want one but the only tank I have is a 20g freshwater the rest are brackish. The tank has a betta a gourami peppered Cory cats and danios would this work?

  2. hampalong

    hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    None will work in 20 gallons.

    Which knifefish is it?

  3. MokAquariums

    MokAquariums Member Member

    20 gallons is way too small for any knife fish.
  4. OP

    TrainerRuby Member Member

    Not sure of the one it was black with a white stripe and the other was a clown knife. How big do they normally get?
  5. L

    Landos Well Known Member Member

    That's a black ghost knife and they can get to 18-20"
    So, you would need, at a minimum, a 180gallon when it's full grown
  6. beau

    beau Well Known Member Member

    Betta's and Gourami's should also never be housed together, they will eventually kill eachother.
  7. M

    Maxi1 Member Member

    Good for you doing the research before buying!