kissing green chromis

  1. nate21887 Member Member

    I have 4 green chromis in my 120g FOWLR. The 2 more dominant fish appear to be "kissing". They oppose one another in a facing manner and with mouths wide open "kiss" several times. Is this some kind of dominance act or normal behavior? There seems to be no damage to one or the other, they simply do that then swim off. Has anyone else observed this with their chromis?
  2. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    Sounds like pretty typical male spawning behavior to me..... I don't have this species, but it sounds like a display of dominance.

  3. nate21887 Member Member

    Yea kinda neat to see, I have had the lot of them for almost a year and just noticed them doing it the other day. No harm seems to be inflicted.
  4. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Perhaps you may have some fry on the way!!! Can you see fry in the fishes mouth or are they just in courtship?

  5. nate21887 Member Member

    I would say courtship. Fry would be awesome, would be really best to see. Are they mouth brooders?