Kissing Gouramis Not Eating

  1. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    Hello everyone. I got two pink kissing gouramis 15 days ago, and I haven't seen them eating anything since then. When I tell this to my fish retailer, he says that don't worry, u must have not seen them eating, and they can survive on algae. But for the last 3-4 days, they have become lazy and down, and are sitting at the bottom of the tank. I'm feeling that it is because they have not eaten anything for the last 15 days. All other fishes are doing fine in my tank. Only these two are not eating. No one is bullying the either. There is no stress. Is this normal? Do they take time to adjust in a new tank? Are they going to die due to hunger soon? What should I do to make them eat? Please help

    Sometimes, they chase each other, and then go back to the bottom. They were pretty active when I brought them. When I put food, they come to the top, but don't eat even if the flake is just in front of them. I've tried floating as well as sinking food, even tried to feed them peas with a toothpick, but no use. Please help
  2. PraptiPanda Member Member

    I'm not an expert with gouramis, but maybe you could try live food to entice them? Bloodworms, tubifex and brine shrimp are a great hit with all fish. I also give garlic soaked food to increase the appetites of lethargic fish. Hope it works.
  3. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    Thanks for ur response. But I even tried putting a worm in my tank, but none of the fishes seem interested. How to soak food in garlic? Sorry, I'm new to fish keeping. And which foods can I soak in garlic
  4. PraptiPanda Member Member

    You can soak pellets and flakes in crushed garlic juice. I've only tried it for guppies, but ginger juice is a great appetite stimulant too.

    What worm did you put in? Picky and lethargic fish will not go for all wriggly things in my opinion.
  5. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Kissing gouramis are microphagous filter-feeders, which means they filter small food particles from the water in addition to eating algae growths from submerged tank surfaces. Because these fish do not have any teeth in their jaws, they cannot chew or crush large commercial foods.
  6. PraptiPanda Member Member

    Hmmm... But they are fed algae based flakes and bloodworms, , etc?
  7. Shadow2331 Member Member

    ideal commercial foods for kissing gouramis are high-quality flakes because these foods soften in the water and break down easily. Small pellets are also recommended for kissing gouramis.
    In the wild, kissing gouramis feed mainly on algae and microorganisms, so adding live and frozen foods to a commercial diet can be very beneficial. The ideal live and frozen foods for kissing gouramis are small -- bloodworms, Artemia and tubifex worms are some of the best foods for this species. Offer your kissing gouramis small amounts of live or frozen foods on a daily basis to ensure that all their nutritional needs are met.
    Because kissing gouramis will constantly graze on algae growths and filter microorganisms from the water in your tank, you do not need to feed them large amounts of food at one time. In fact, overfeeding your gouramis could lead to excess waste build-up along the bottom of your tank, which could lead to a decrease in water quality. Feed your kissing gouramis only as much food as they can consume in three to five minutes and offer them food twice a day.
    To ensure that your gouramis receive a healthy, balanced diet, alternate your feedings between commercial and live or frozen foods. If a large portion of your kissing gouramis' diet is made up of dried foods, make sure that some of those foods have a high proportion of vegetable matter. Flakes and wafers made from spirulina algae are a great way to add some vegetable matter to a diet for kissing gouramis. Some gouramis may even eat blanched vegetables such as romaine lettuce, peas and zucchini.
  8. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    I've tin foil barbs with these kissing gouramis, and they are heavy eaters. They eat all the food that I put in the tank, and the gouramis never eat anything. If I will put worms in the tank, they will also end up being consumed by the barbs. They are very fast swimmers, and eat loads of food. What to do?
  9. Shadow2331 Member Member

    iam not sure but if your fish knows the feeding time before you start feeding them then your gouramis will be alert and will come to the surface for example every time i feed my fishes i turn of all the filters and air stones and feed them so now all my fishes know when i turn off the filter and airstone they are always on the surface cause they know they are about to be fed, you can try this too and after feeding is done turn on ur filters and air pumps. The other method is you dont let the barbs eat all the food separate them using net and release them after feeding is done maybe.
  10. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    they know the feeding time. They even come up, but dont eat even if the food is floating in front of their eyes. As all other fishes are running for food, they also become active and start running after each other. But dont eat the food

    Can anyone suggest the time they take to adjust to a new tank? Is a period of 15 days normal for kissing gouramis to get used to the tank? May be they will start eating once they get used to the tank. But they are already looking weak and lazy, and I fear they will die of hunger. Can this happen? Or I'm just thinking too much?
  11. Shadow2331 Member Member

    hmmm maybe they are used t eating some different type of food, what food did they used to eat before you bought them ? ?? somtimes when fish starts eating certain type of food they dont eat any other type of foods, If all your other fishes are doing great in your tank dont worry the problem is not the tank,
  12. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    The problem is not the tank. But I've heard that kissing gouramis are shy and take time to get used to their surroundings. But 15 days is way too much. I've told the fish retailer that the gouramis are not eating, but he says dont worry, they are eating algae. But I'm afraid is tank algae enough for them?
  13. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Well that depends on how much algae your tank produces and yes 15 days is enough for the fishes to adjust in their new sorrounding
  14. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    Hi. I went out of station for 4 days, and arranged someone to feed my fishes. I came back today and they seem more active now. They are not lying down at the bottom like before. But one of my kissing gouramis has cut her tail. The cut is straight, and does not look like a bite. The fish seems active though. What could that be?
  15. Shadow2331 Member Member

    What kind of decorations do you have in the tank ?? what kind of tank mates are there in the tank with your kissing gourami ??
  16. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    The decorations are minimal, since it is a small tank. Only two small artificial plants and one mushroom shaped toy. Other tank mates are 2 tin foil barbs, 2 pearl gouramis, and one black fish, the retailer calls it shark. But none of the tank mates seem to be attacking the kissing's tail. They are co-existing peacefully. And the cut does not look like a bite either
  17. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Even if it does not look like a bite i would keep an close eye on them because pearl gouramis can somtimes be agressive, except that it looks like other problems have been solved iam happy for you :)
  18. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    Ya. I'm happy too. I just came back today morning, and I've not fed them until now. I'm going to feed them in an hour, and then I'll see if they eat or not. Pearl gouramis are very small, and i dont think they've done something to its tail. I always keep a watch on my fishes. I love watching them in fact.
  19. Shadow2331 Member Member

    I have dwarf red gouramis and when i first brought them they were small, even when small they do nip when they get chance :D , do care that the damaged part of its tail does not get infected keep the tank clean and well maintained :)
  20. Nidhi Nangia Initiate Member

    Thanks. I just fed my fishes, and I noticed that kissing gouramis are still not eating. But somehow they are looking more active today. 4 days back, they were looking like sick and lethargic. But today, they are swimming and behaving actively.