Kinda Glad I have Bladder Snails


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The bladder snails are multiplying in my Gold Laser Cory tank. I'm breeding the Cories eventually, but it was my mistake to put in plants that had snails on them.

I didn't like the ugliness of the snails for a while and kept eliminating a lot of them. They just kept reproducing. I see now, though, that they really keep the tank clean!

I also realize that the only reason there are so many of them is because there is an abundance of algae. That is getting taken care of by having changed my lighting times. I've given the plants a siesta after 9am until 4pm. This will allow the plants to take up a lot of the CO2 in the morning, then produce Oxygen. The siesta will then allow bacteria to turn the O into CO2 without giving light to the algae, starving the algae of iron. Then, when the CO2 is replenished, the lights come on and the plants get all the CO2 they need!
Soooo cool!!

With less algae, the snails will die out!!

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