Kinda Confused About Whether I Need To Water Change Weekly Or Not


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So I have 4 tanks + 3 jarrariums, and was sorta just doing water changes and things whenever I felt like it, which was probably about one a week or better, but decided that since I'm so scatterbrained, I better make a routine and put it on the fridge.

That routine made Saturday my water change day, and the last saturday of the month a vacuum day as well. I have sand + shrimp and snails in all my tanks and they seem to keep most of the mess away so I don't think I need to vac quite as often.

So my issue is that I checked my nitrate today before doing my change, and all my tanks were at 5ppm. Now they're all pretty heavily planted so I know that's the reason it's so low. I'm wondering if maybe I just should do it every other week instead? Something tells me it's still gonna be 5 next week too, so at that point I'd just be doing it to replenish used nutrients and minerals and what not.

Not sure what to do here

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