Killifish starter pack


So I wanted to put together a little starter pack of plants and fundulopanchax gardnerI killifish for anyone who was looking to start up a small tank.


Tank requirements:

These are one of the few fish that will thrive in smaller desktop-style aquariums and will do well with approximately 5 gallons of water per pair.

They are tolerant of a wide variety of water parameters although they seem to breed more prolifically in softer slightly acidic water. Generally speaking though they aren't picky.

Temperatures are tolerated from the upper 60s to the low 80s however the low to mid 70s would be ideal.


While the males may spar occasionally as adults they rarely do any damage to one another (the worst I've ever seen is a slightly nipped tail) overall they are relatively docile.

In a small tank they would probably best be kept species-only however in larger setups they can be incorporated into certain community tanks. Do not keep them with other types of killifish, guppies, or any known fin nippers.

If attempting to breed them, a species only tank is a must. The fry will rarely survive predation from other adult fish however adult fundulopanchax gardnerI do not seem to attempt to eat their offspring. Because of this small numbers of fry can be raised alongside their parents.

A tank with a lid is an almost must have. The males in particular are prone to jumping if they're unhappy with their environment.


Readily accept commercial flake and pellet foods as well as a multitude of live, frozen, or freeze dried foods. You shouldn't have any problem getting them to eat.

If you have any questions at all about the care of these fish please contact me via PM and I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


In addition to the killifish you will also receive the following live plants:

1 Anubias nana (medium)
1 portion of duckweed
*reduces jumping tendencies
3 Contortion vals (small)
4 Dwarf sags (medium)
1 Java fern (small)
2 Green myrio cuttings (small)


1 large moss mat

This moss was identified as erect moss when I acquired it however it displays a variety of growth patterns depending on factors such as lighting and fertilizers.

This is the same moss grown in under different conditions in separate tanks in my fish room.


The moss mat covers approximately 9"x11" and is attached to a 4"x4" base. The base comes mounted with suction cups allowing it to be attached to the sides of the tank as a shelf or the base can be placed in the substrate to create as carpet.


The package also includes:

2 microworm starter cultures
*easy to culture live food. Great for any eventual fry and enjoyed by adults as well
10+ Malaysian trumpet snails
*great little clean up crew for your newly planted tank

Price is based on how many killifish you'd like.

$44 for one pair (MF) of juveniles (nearly sexually matured, approx 1"-1.5" in size, readily sexed)
$49 for one trio (FFM) of juveniles
$54 for two pairs (2M2F) of juveniles
$54 for one pair (MF)of young adult proven breeders. (These have successfully spawned healthy offspring and are not yet even full grown at approx 1.5"-2" in length)
$59 for one proven pair (MF) and one pair of juveniles (MF)


You will also receive 5 juvenile cherry shrimp (and possibly more hitch hiking on the plants) free of charge. There's a good chance the killies will eat them anyway but feel free to give it a shot with a small group of culls from my Fire Red colony.

All of the above prices INCLUDE all shipping charges as well as a full live arrival guarantee. If for any reason the fish do not arrive alive I will replace and reship them entirely free of charge provided that A) the were delivered on the first attempt (as determined by USPS tracking) and B) that you notify me promptly of any problems upon delivery.

The order will be shipped via USPS priority mail free of charge. You may upgrade to express mail at your own expense if you so choose (contact me for a quote if you wish to do this). I ship in insulated boxes using kordon breather bags and any necessary heat packs are included in the price listed.

*The shipping date will depend on the weather both here and at the destination and will be determined by me. It may take a few weeks to get this order shipped safely depending on your location. You will be provided with approximately 7 days notice prior to shipping and I ask that you have the package sent to where there will be someone available to accept delivery. These can't be left sitting outside for extended periods of time at this time of year.*

Payment is via PayPal only. An invoice will be provided.

Only one package available and will be considered sold upon receipt of payment. Again feel free to contact me with any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Can they live with bettas? All my bettas are community tank friendly, but would they nip the betta's fins?



I've never personally attempted to keep them with bettas so I can't say for sure.

You'd need you keep an eye on them as the potential is there for them to either nip at the betta or (more likely) for the betta to view them as a rival. Seeing as they'll very very rarely even nip at each other the betta shouldn't have much trouble from them but you never know.

I'll see if I can find any information about keeping the two together.


What a nice sounding package. If I had room I would go for it, but unfortunatly do not. I am very impressed though with your shipping policy and someone will end up with a really neat instant tank. I would think a betta would not be a good match though because they tend to go after colorful fish. those fish are beautiful as well as really colorful. Alison


If I can't get these betta rubras I've been looking at for weeks I will have to give you even more money than I planned to Eric


I did some quick checking around and there doesn't seem to be a consensus on keeping them with bettas. Some say they get along fine, some say the killifish killed the betta or vice versa. It seems to boil down to the individual personalities of the fish.

Bottom line if I was going to attempt it I'd keep an extra tank handy so I'd have a plan B if things didn't work out.

Oh I also wanted to point out that these are non-annual killifish and have the same lifespan as other small aquarium fish.


Good morning,

Please remember this is the B/ST/F section of the forum and regular chat is not permitted. Please use Private Messages. Limiting the chat makes it easier for other members to shop.

If you do not wish to make a purchase or if you do not have a question concerning sale, please do not respond in B/S/T/F threads.





Should be listing some more pairs or trios in the upcoming weeks.

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