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    I want to set up another tank, and I need one that is small with fish that don't live too long (since I will be going to college in several years) and ones that I could possibly breed. The answer is obvious--Killifish! I'll admit I'm in love with the little guys already. The only problem is what to do with fry. Can you just get all females or all males, and then maybe add the opposite sex if you want to start breeding? Would it be too sinful ;) to keep Killies without attempting to breed? Also, what would a Killie tank look like (as far as decor, plants, etc.)? Could you keep a few Cories with them? And once again, what to do with you think a fish store would take them? My only concern is that ignorant people will see colorful fish and use them as decorations until they kill them inadvertantly.
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    I think some of your answers can be found here:

    From what I have read, killies are very easy going fish and cory cats would probably do nicely with them.
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    Thanks for the reply, but I've decided to forget the Killies because a) I don't know where I'd get them and b) the ones recommended for beginners are not the annuals and live pretty long (for a Killie). I think I will try to get a Betta.
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    You could raise the eggs and fry your self and buy the eggs from eBay or aquabid. For the eBay, I can recommend a guy that sells the eggs.