Killed off most of my plants

I was upgrading my 40g to a 55g and had to put the plants into a holding bin with water while I upgraded the stand and setup the tank. It was 6 days. The fish survived being crammed into a 10g tank. The plants i put in a 2 gallon bin with a large does of excel for good measure. There was some overhead light too.

my plants were many anubus, 2 Amazon swords, about 14 spiral vals, and good about or sag grass.

everything is melting. I lost all the vals about 5 days after replanting (turned to green dust). Sag grass leaves are becoming clear. Anubus looks like they were eat. And one sword does has a red leaf because I’ve been running CO2 trying to save my plants.
Any suggestions?
I also put root tabs under the swords.
If the roots are strong they will come back eventually. Isn’t excel an algicide? I’ve heard that vals are especially sensitive.
anything, even excel, can be unhealthy in high amounts
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