Khuli Loach On Its Back, Please Help!

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My tank is 260l and has been running for 7 months with a built in filter and a 40 watt (I think) heater running at 27°C, with 8 guppies, a swordtail, a copper tetra (I know I need 6, I don't have anyone to give it away to), two bristlenoses, and two Khulis (again I know I need more, and am hoping to get more). I am aware that the bristlenoses tip the stocking over, but I received the bristlenoses as a gift from my uncle who didn't know the size they got to.

I change 25% of the water weekly using ALI Tap Water Conditioner, and I do vacuum the substrate.

*Parameters - Very Important
I cycled my tank for a month, and was told by my father that it would be fine (the water was clear for about two weeks before he said this). I don't own a testing kit, so most peremiters cannot be tested, but that will change (sorry about that).

Ammonia: ???
Nitrite: ???
Nitrate: ???
pH: 7.0

I feed my fish three times a day, 1 pinch during the day, twice a day, and half a pinch a day at night. I don't feed them on Sundays. I feed them Tetra brand TetraMin Tropical Flakes. I don't cultivate live food and don't have frozen or freeze dried food, but I will throw insects in there when I catch them.

I noticed a few days ago that my Khuli loach of 8 years was breathing rapidly and is unable to keep itself upright, and have not initiated treatment assuming that it would dissipate after a few days, which it has failed to do. When I bought them a few years ago, they did not exhibit any wounds, illnesses, or defects.

My Khuli loach is unable to right himself, and has been unable to do so for a few days. I think it's an issue with his air bladder, but I am unsure what specific type of injury or illness it may be.

Thanks in advance!



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No need to apologize for what fish you keep. You must be doing a great job with your tank considering your Khuli is eight years old.
As you probably know, Loaches don't normally respond well to most meds. Chances are the Khuli is just aging out. Really not a good idea to keep him in the main tank. In his weakened state, much more suseptable to disease. I hope your loach recovers, but there's really not much you can do for him. You might consider upping your WC to 50% each week.


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25% water change weekly may not be enough to keep the nitrates low. High nitrates can contribute to swim bladder issues. Try doing some larger water changes for a few days in a row and see if you notice a difference. You can also cut back on feeding so much, as that will contribute to higher nitrates in the tank.
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