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    Hey there.

    I made a separate thread for this because I thought it might get complicated.

    I recently (finally) got a kh/gh test kit. Really should have already had one, especially for my blue crayfish. Anyway, as we all know, these things are important for such invertebrates. So, between past pH tests and tests with the new kit, the water from his tank appears to be...

    ph: 7.4 - 7.6 (actually pretty hard to test, it's somewhere in the overlap of the normal and high range tests)

    kh: 4 (best I can tell)

    gh: 6 (once again, best I can tell)

    So, are these numbers anywhere near okay? Some sources say crayfish really need a kh twice mine, a gh somewhat higher than mine, and all different pH levels.

    If any of them do need to change, what do I do? Also, how can I safely change them to where every water change doesn't cause too much fluctuation? Oh, and I prefer no liquid chemicals such as pH up or down. I've heard way too many bad things about that stuff.
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    I have no idea for crayfish but those are great numbers in general.

    if someone tells you kH needs to increase, try oyster grit or crushed coral in a fish safe mesh filter bag directly in your filter. cuttlefish bone in your tank can also help kH (& gH).

    anything that increases kH also increases pH.

    SeaChem have powder buffers I use for kH & gH. but! I won't go into detail because your numbers are perfect imo for fish... again I don't know for crayfish :)
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    Thank you! That helps put my mind a little more at ease. I actually do keep cuttlebone in both of my tanks. Obviously one for the cray, but also for my snails in the other. I think I just need to remember that most fish can adapt to different pH, kh, and gh. Sometimes it's just difficult to know how much of an adjustment is okay you know. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now, thanks again.
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    Bumping, just for more references and opinions.