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  1. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    Hi there!! I’m Kevin and I just joined this forum. I want to share my first ever tank journal with all of y’all. First off I have a cycled 5 gal aquarium and is heavily stocked with plants.As I said I was just new to this forum and so I am only starting my tank journal from now. (Tank is abt 1 and a 1/2 months old now ) but I only just finished stocking my fish and invertebrates that I planed on adding today sooooooo lets start the planted tank journey todayyyy

    My plants are:
    Water wisteria
    Dwarf hair grass
    Marimo Moss ball
    Sabwasser tang(idk how to spell)
    Java moss
    And finally java fern
    My animals include:
    Cherry shrimp (2)
    Yellow cherry shrimp (1)
    Amano shrimp(2)
    Blue velvet shrimp (2)
    Ps I do not intend to breed these and my Harry shrimp are having their first set of babies right now (IM SO EXCITED) I have one Otto and two Pygmy cories
    I’m dosing flourish trace every Tuesday and Saturday while I dose dymax Co2 tablets every Wednesday and Sunday. As well as puttin in my homemade crushed egg shell calcium supplement every 3 days for the shrimp.I was wondering if I needed a co2 system for my plants considering how many there are and because in know the elodea hornwort and water wisteria use up a lot of nutrients and there might not be enough for the rest.idk let me hear your thoughts on my tank!!!

    There is a pothos plant in the basket if y’all were wondering

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  2. ZniazValued MemberMember

    Awesome! I love the tank, but I think you might be overshooting with the nutrient dosage, as it is only just a 5 gallon, maybe you could tone down the dosing a bit, and see how it goes! I too have 4 5gal tanks and I don't do any dosage on any of them.

    I see you are using shrimp, i would really recommend (I mean necessary) getting shrimp specific soil. Most LFSs have them, and in a planted tank like this you won't need so much flourish and calcium if you get the soil, and some gravel, the gravel line should come up to about 1.5-2inches. As i said, you are (wasting) using too much resources dosing unnecessary things when you just need soil. Anyways, you do you!

    Overall, the tank is really cool, and I would love to get a close up of some of the shrimp and plants.

  3. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    Ok I’ll take note of that I really hope this tank turns out amazing!!!

  4. WinterSoldier.Well Known MemberMember

    Beautiful! I'd fill it up a little more though!

  5. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    I am very sad to say that one of my big female cherry shrimp has passed away. I checked my parameters and all was fine all my other shrimp are perfectly healthy. My guess is since that she was already pretty big ( a lot bigger than the rest ) when I got her and so I think she was an adult and since adults don’t acclimate well to new tanks so she unfortunately passed away.
  6. BamaValued MemberMember

    So sorry to hear that! Your tank looks beautiful!
  7. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    Thank you. Rest In Peace little one... Anyway I wld like to update on plant growth. My elodea has been exploding and my hornwort has been taking off. My wisteria has reached the height of my drift wood and my shrimp love it!!!! I’m thinking of adding some big clumps of java fern in the gap in between the water wisteria and elodea on the piece of wood. Should I do that? Will it just be outcompeted for sunlight and die once my elodea and wisteria grow and block out the light? And also one more question is the light I have on there strong enough for the plants I have? It’s a 18 watt philips bulb I got from the hardware store.
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  8. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    HUGE CHANGES HAVE HAPPENED! I’m sorry I haven’t updated this journal in a while now but so much stuff has happened!
    I added a small sparkling gourami (I love it!) and it has started to get comfortable in my tank. Colouring up, beginning to eat etc etc that was about a week ago.
    Fast forward today I have added 3 Endler guppies all so active and colorful. The pink one is pinkie ( even though yes I know their all males but i thought it was cute), next one is Clive and the one that keeps picking on algae all day long even after eating 3 pellets in a row is called ( drum roll please) GREEN. WHOOP!!!
    I have also added a temple plant at least that was what I was told it was and it looks so cool.
    Also one thing my hornwort haven’t been growing much I’m now beginning to wonder if it is even hornwort considering my wisteria and Elodea are growing like crazy so I don’t think it’s the nutrients. Hmm any answers??
    First photo is the “hornwort”
    Second is Green
    Third is the temple plant
    Forth is pinkie and last one is Clive

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  9. Brans0628Valued MemberMember

    Very nice!!
  10. MamaLlama76Valued MemberMember

    I really like all the plants and the new endlers.

    Livebearer fish have been a favorite of mine. Among some of the first fish I ever got, as a 10 year old kid, were a bunch of guppies (which I think were probably endlers) from my great step-aunt. This was back in about 1985 or 86. In 88, we moved from Oregon to Missouri and I had to sell them and my tanks to the LFS. In 1989, I had saved up some $ from babysitting and got another tank, first a 10 and then a 20 and kept fish all through Jr high, high school and college, breeding angelfish, keeping an assortment of livebearers and other community fish. (After which, my baby brother inherited my tanks for his pet snakes when my husband and I moved to Idaho...hubby was afraid they would break in the move.) 2 years later, we were transferred to Lubbock, TX and he got me a nice 20 gallon for my 1st Mother's Day before our oldest son was born and a 6 gallon for the baby's room. Kept a nice community tank for about a year, then we moved again (to KS) and I had to sell off the fish. After the move I got back to my favorites, raising guppies and angelfish (not in the same tank.) We were in KS for a year, before another job transfer brought us to SD. I gave my fish to a friend before moving and we tried to restart aquariums a couple times in the almost 14 years we've lived here. Sadly, most kinds of fish haven't liked our extremely hard well water, so we haven't had much luck with it until just recently. So far, we've done okay with goldfish, snails, corys and platies. Guppies have been a gamble (out of 7 total guppies, males/females and fry...only one male has lived...searching for some nice, super hardy varieties because 2 of the kids would like to breed then.)

    Keep up the good work, will stop in for the next tank update!
  11. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    I also forgot to mention in the update that the day before I added my sparkling gourami I installed a resun hang on the back filter and plopped my pothos in the back with some filter floss. I wrapped my moss around the intake and so far everything has been good. I added it for the extra filtration and a place to put my pothos XD it has begun to grow roots in the filter floss and its doing a good job at removing nitrates
  12. ZniazValued MemberMember

    Alright Buddy, this is awesome! I can verify the identity of the "hornwort" and the temple plant.
    The "hornwort" is not actually hornwort. It is Hydrotriche Hottoniiflora, a slightly difficult plant to keep from Madagascar. This plant does best in soft- medium hard waters, with pH of 6.2-7. Best temperature would be about 20-26 degrees C. These guys get really big, if kept correctly the stem can grow to 50cm! This plant is propagated by cuttings. I used to have this plant before I replaced it for cabomba.

    The temple plant is Hydrophila Corymbosa var. Siamensis "small leaf". It is a great beginner plant which can thrive in a range of pH and temperatures, (5.5-8pH)(20-29C) and is propagated from its cuttings, right above the previous leaves. It is a south east asian plant, and needs a lot of light especially when it gets runners.

    Have fun and love the tank!
  13. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    Oh thank you on the identification of the hydrotriche thing (I’m not good with names XD and is there a common name??) I will think about replacing it but thank you for the brief over view of the requirements!! Also if anyone can answer my question about my lighting please do! It is a 18 watt philips bulb from a hardware store, so I need an upgrade? If so what cheap lights do you recommend (I’m kinda on budget) Thanks in advance!!
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  14. jchunter13New MemberMember

    My aqu.eon 60 led light has been doing great on my 5 gallon tall planted tank. My hornwort has been exploding since upgrading from stock lighting to the aqueon
  15. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    The tank so far

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  16. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    I have a question is my tank considered lightly,moderately or heavily planted??? Just asking XD also is it okay if I stock in some (5-6) Mosquito Rasbora (boras brigittae) I think that’s how to spell the scientific name XD.
    will it be too over stocked??? It has quite a large sponge filter with a added hang on back filter also quite large with a bunch of filter floss inside with some pothos (which I read is amazing at filtering water I tried it before and it worked sooo well!) I also added some frog bit which my gourami loves and that too is also helping to absorb nitrate.
    In there I also have some pretty good absorbers like elodea and water wisteria and I’m planing on adding some Hornwort as well.

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  17. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    HUGGGEEEE NEWS IM UPGRADING TO A 10 GAL ON SUNDAY WHOOOP!!! All plants and fish are going into new tank but I’m wondering what other fish I shld put in. I’m wondering whether black neons (6) of them or a school of (5) ember tetras and some (4) celestial Pearl Danios would work??
  18. ZniazValued MemberMember

    Awesome! I'm afraid that these numbers of tetras and danios won't cut it for a school (or proper schooling action). Especially putting 15 fish in a 10 gallon is unwise especially if it is new. But if you like either one, I would say 10-11 of either ember tetras or black neons, you choose! but hey, you do you, awesome! I love upgrades
  19. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    But that’s the thing I can’t choose both are sooo cool!!!
  20. Aquafan2007New MemberMember

    Oh more huge news I have a new tank, not 10 gallons, not 20 gallons but 22gallons. It was my grandparents old tank and they knew I loved fish and gave it to me so ya I have that now. I am upgrading my 5gal inhabitants ( all fish and plants) into the 22gal . I have some plant substrate and capped with some regular fined grain gravel. I also have some pieces of driftwood to add onto the price I already have in the 5 gal.