Kensfish has been out of numerous freeze dried food for weeks maybe months.

  1. goofster Member Member

    Are they doing alright? I sent a customer service email asking them when there next shipment was and have gotten a response. Usually their customer service is top notch. I've also been on the email waiting list for weeks for over 4 items.
  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I just got food and some filters from them a couple weeks ago. Maybe the problem is business is too good?
  3. goofster Member Member

    I've checked twice a week for a month:

    The following has been out (freeze dried variety):
    Krill fines
    Mysis Shrimp
    Tubifex Worms

    What did you order?

    :-( I don't want to make my big food order without my freeze dried foods.
  4. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Black worms, pacifica krill, and cichlid pellets.

    I know the blood worms and mysis shrimp seem to always go fast. I have just gone and ordered them in the past when he is out, then he ships them when he has them.
  5. goofster Member Member

    Really. The system won't allow me to add one. :-( Otherwise I would do that.
  6. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Maybe the system has changed. That's too bad.
  7. goofster Member Member

    Yeah it really does! I'm going to try to give them a call! Still haven't had an email.