Keeping snakes

Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by dahly, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. dahlyValued MemberMember

    When I was a teenager I caught two garter snakes in my back yard an kept them for about a year in an old tank with a screen lid. I had a dirt substrate and a coupe of sticks of assorted sizes. I fed them earth worms every other day. It was always so cool when they would shed their skin. They used to flip the screen lid and crawl on top. One day they did it, escaped and we never found them. I'd like to think they got back outside and lived happily ever after.
  2. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    LUCKY! :mad: :mad: I wish I could catch snakes in my backyard!!!! i love snakes :D can you tell? (obsession with kuhli
  3. dano569Valued MemberMember

    snakes are cool!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)
  4. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    yup yup yup they r very cool
  5. AdzValued MemberMember

    I have a couple of Kuhli Loaches. they are very cool fish :) I call them tiger striped worms lol
  6. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    yes kuhlis are my obsession just ask the guys here--and my brother ::)
  7. death2fishbowlsNew MemberMember

    i have a garter snake, his name is george. he is so awesome its not even funny
  8. JonWell Known MemberMember

    my mom wont let me keep snakes... i wish i could
  9. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    i dont like snakes i like lizards
  10. JonWell Known MemberMember

    i like to see snakes eat lol ^,^ i would probably overfeed mine >.<
  11. dano569Valued MemberMember

    i had a boa for about 2 years.he was a great pet.
  12. JonWell Known MemberMember

    my brother had a bermise python or something.... i cant remember
  13. s-manNew MemberMember

    what kind of snakes are those "grater".
  14. sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    Ummm... They might not have. I have a friend who had a corn snake escape in his house. He figured it for dead until he found a shed skin in the closet. He periodically finds another skin, reminding him that he's got a corn snake who's keeping track of the mice in his house. (He lives in an older house in the country, and the mice are pretty plentiful).
  15. poefoxWell Known MemberMember

    They're smallish north American snakes that are sort of green and yellow--they generally eat small animals and the like. They're one of the most common snakes on this continent.

    Black snakes are also common--I nearly stepped on what I thought was a bit of deflated inner tube on a sidewalk and it suddenly flexed and raced off into the grass. Beautiful creature.
  16. BrianCBValued MemberMember

    My brother had two garter snakes one was the others infant, in january first the little one died then the mother died later, Im wondered if it was because of the cold cause he had a heat lamp with a regular light bulb and he only fed them feeder fish? :'(
  17. sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    I don't know how cold their cage was, but garter snakes can handle quite a low temp. I wonder if they got something from the feeder fish? Those things swim in terrible water, and tend to carry a massive number of diseases. Many fish diseases won't affect terrestrial creatures, but a few of them do, and those are usually really nasty.
  18. inuyasha_lover_21Well Known MemberMember

    I used to have garter snakes and they where the best. My grandmas yard was filled with them. I also had a pet bat once but died in a month. He ate and he was healthy. I used to have a bunch of reptiles but now I just got my fishies and a dog.
  19. BonochickWell Known MemberMember

    I'm scared of snakes. :-[ My boyfriend found a baby garter snake in our backyard this past weekend. I've seen a few of them around. I grew up in the U.P., and I've seen several snakes. As a kid, I went to grab my jump rope in the was a snake! :eek: We were at the top of a hill on our bikes, when I looked down and saw a snake attempting to slither through my spokes. I took off pedaling as fast as I could...shot right past my house...just kept going. :D Dad caught a pine snake in our yard once...that was REALLY freaky.
  20. vinWell Known MemberMember

    That or they ate your sister..... :D ;D