Keeping Plants Alive While Travelling Help

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    anitazoechang Initiate Member

    I'm planning on picking up some plants while travelling but I won't be able to have a fish tank set up where I am to plant them in. It'll be about 4 days between when I can pick them up and when I jump on a flight to go home and then another 8 hour drive from the airport. What's the best way to keep them alive through the whole process?

  2. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    Assuming they are aquatic?

    If it was me, i would have a small container to store them in for a couple of days, with some dechlorinated water in a well lit- not bright - area. When it comes time for the airport shuttle, I'd place them in things such as wide mouth plastic bottles - that's rigid - wrapped in damp paper toweling. Once home, transfer to tank.
  3. Piaelliott

    Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    I don't know where you are travelling but I would consider that it might be illegal to import plants.
  4. OP

    anitazoechang Initiate Member

    @aussieJJDude yup aquatic plants! I'm in rural Queensland where aquarium plants are way to dear so thought I'd take advantage of a trip into the city :) are most plants happy to be floated like that or do I need to get some substrate?

    @Piaelliott just going interstate, not overseas – already spoke to the airline company and they have no restrictions on transporting plants as long as they're packed properly in my baggage
  5. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    Nice. I would suggest buying online and shipping the plants to your door, its a lot easier and safer than you think! And yeah, they will be fine floating for a couple of days, its not going to kill them!

    Remember to look up your state laws, some plants are illegal to import in. I think one is amazon frogbit, but I believe theres others so its important to look up your state laws! (Aka, dont buy _____, basically a list of what nots!)