keeping piranhas

  1. tom5678 Member Member

    Hi, i have a few questions about piranhas.
    can you keep piranhas in a fish tank at home?
    what do they eat?
    are they easy to keep?
    and what sort of tank would they need?

    any info would be great!! :;shat
  2. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    In some states they are illegal so check w/ your local laws first. Pirannahs will eat almost anything and everything. I have heard of useing raw shrimp and scallops.they are intermediate because they will bite you, they make slot of waste, and they need a large tank to school in.
  3. potatos Member Member

    I havent owned any, but i wanted to get some so i looked into them. Pirannahs get big, and are very messy, so you would need a large tank, and it would be committed soly to them (they arent very good with tank mates) I think they are a cool fish to keep in theroy, but not in practice. i also heard feeding them can get expensive. they are illigal in the southern states, due to fear of them getting into the waterways, but ok in the north, since they would die due to low temp. I wouldent go smaller than i 55 gallon, bigger the better, since they grow fast and like schools
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    I just seen a show about them, River Monsters, and there are different species of them so you would have to find one of the smaller ones and see if if you can find any place that sells them.

    They eat meat so I would agree that it would probably end up costing quite a bit to feed.
  6. Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    I wouldnt suggest keeping piranhas even though they are a cool fish because they need a huge tank.

    Plus keep in mind they not very friendly toward people (They will bite you)
  7. potatos Member Member

    Even though they have a nasty reputation, i doint think they would cause horrable damage to you if your hand went in the tank, especialy if you fed them a bit before submerbing your hand. I would still avoid doing it when possable though, but im just saying they wont strip you to the bone in 3 seconds. I have never tried it, but i imagin they would be more scared of your hand, rather then interested in eating it. but this is just my observational opinion, someone with experiance with them could give a better answer. But overall, i think a community aquarium would be much more rewarding and interesting in the end, rather than a large tank with three of four pharanna in it. they will get 12" long, so even in a 50 you could only keep like three.
  8. Regal Well Known Member Member

    Yeah If they bit me I would pull my hand out of the tank. I'm just saying... :;laughing
  9. tom5678 Member Member

    this is nothing to do with pirahnas, just didnt want to start a new thread for only a few posts....
    also this may not be entirely to do with fish but does anyone know anything about keeping turtles?
    they are sort of like fish... like they swim and stuff but my brother wants to get one and i could not think of a better place
    any help would be apreciated
    thanks tom =]
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    thanks the salmonella thing sounds bad =P
    the link helped lots though =]