Keeping Peacock Cichlid alone or in community tanks?


This is totally hypothetical - it was just something I’d been discussing with my dad, who kept cichlids when he was younger, and I wanted to hear what you all thought:

I often see peacock cichlids kept in a species only tank, and know some cichlids can be aggressive. So is it ever possible to keep a single peacock cichlid in a community tank?Or would they just be too much for the other fish? Could you keep one peacock cichlid alone? Or do they need to be in groups?


Having kept them for quite some time:

They do really bad in too soft water, which is definitely a problem for communities. Otherwise everything that fits in their mouths is food. A lot smaller community species are endangered with them near.
The biggest problem with keeping them in communities is that they simply come from a very different biotope than from what a typical community tank is. Keeping them with their own kind is less justified because they need company. It's more because among each other they can stand their aggression and don't end up food or dead.

In general I think a community tank is always nothing but a compromise of all the species involved and many people just don't care and just ask if something is possible because they like the look of the fish and not the characteristics and the environment they actually come from. It's just a very human thing of "I want it, can I make it happen" and completely ignoring the animal's requirements. In that context a peacock is so far outside usual community parameters and builds, it would be a hard compromise either for the other fish or the peacock.
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