Keeping Optimal Oxygen Levels

  1. SSJ

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    What do you guys do to keep oxygen levels high in your tank? I understand air stone is one option..but it makes lot of noise at tr same time.
  2. N

    NeonTetraBoi New Member Member

    Plants will help keep oxygen levels up and get rid of ammonia
  3. v

    varmint Well Known Member Member

    I rely on my filter output to provide oxygen in the tank and the plants also.
  4. CraniumRex

    CraniumRex Well Known Member Member

    I think anything that causes surface agitation will help. If you want quiet, try a circulation pump. Most are very low power and as long as you don' t have a lot of floating plants or fish that like low current, they do help. They can also help push waste to the filter if you have dead spots. No good if you have tiny fish or very long finned fish as unless you cover them over they can chew them up - not pretty :eek:
  5. skilletlicker

    skilletlicker Valued Member Member

    To the left of the filter, you can see the bubbles surfacing from the air pump. The filter isn't really necessary because the aquaponic grow bed pictured below does that job but the filter does dump about 12 liters per minute into the tank and that improves oxygenation. In the upper right corner, you can see the water returning from the grow bed at about 1½ liters per minute which adds more disturbance and oxygen to the water.
    I guess aquatic plants raise oxygen levels but the herbs and veggies in the above picture pull oxygen out of the water through their roots and pump it into the air through the leaves. So they are a big net oxygen loss to the water in the fish tank.

    In spite of that, I think my dissolved oxygen saturation is at a healthy level but I wish I had a reasonably priced way to test it. This Salifert Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit isn't too expensive but it is a major outlier and have not seen anyone recommend it in any of the forums I visit. I have a backup pump for moving the tank water up to the grow bed and I'm considering using it as a 400 gallon per hour fountain in the fish tank to increase dissolved oxygen even more.

    Almost forgot to point out one more thing that increases oxygen by its absence. I have a fancy glass two-part hinged cover which, when in use, traps CO2 above the surface so the gas that gets dissolved into the fish water by the disturbances discussed above is carbon dioxide, not oxygen.
  6. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    Depends on the kind of fish. Some will be perfectly fine with nothing, likes bettas, because they can breathe atmospheric oxygen. Others, like goldfish, need a lot more or they can suffocate. Personally, I use air stones in all my tank except the bettas. In fact, in my goldfish tank I have three air stones. I’d say they’re really the best option for oxygenating a tank, even though they are rather loud. That’s why I don’t have any tanks in my bedroom lol.